August 17, 2003



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oh my FUCKING god. i reformatted my computer so it would stop chunking. i backed up everything. except my webpage. yeah. my information is backed on this jump drive i have, but none of the pictures are backed. i'm so stupid. i can't believe i missed that. i got all my mp3's (not that i have any), old homework, resumes, games, programs, and other shit, but no pictures. damn it!

i got a new hard drive. it's a maxter (something like that) 160gb. yes. more space than i'll EVER need. in this time and age anyway. i COULD put movies on here, but i'd still have a butt load of extra space. i have it partitioned in to four right now and still have my old 20 gig hard drive. c is still named CEE. d is still named DEX (d = dee dee = dexter's lab = dex). e is still my cdrom drive. f was YOU, but i merged the old c and d back to one hard drive unpartitioned and so now it's named MOOZ ACKIE so i know that it's music. g is JONDISS cuz i'm letting jon store stuff there. and h is for back up, and it's named BACKIT. fun stuff.

oh wait! i think i saved a copy of my pages on jon's computer... i will check now. *turn on computer* god it's loud starting up.

friday at 815 l these two dumb asses were probably drunk and they walked in the middle of the road right when it turned green. rather than run across, they paused, then ran back the other way... but stopped 1/4 of the way there. so they were still standing in my lane. stupid asses. it was so annoying. i yelled "you're still in the road" to them. they were drunk. tammy had the idea to dress like hoochies and i wore a black skort and the tank i wore the first time i went to the rage. i wore my boots and looked like a hoochie go go dancer. i got lots of looks. i made ben's eyes hurt. i got "oos" and "aahs" and "damn you sexy!" from the crew :) they're silly. all night nasty ho asians kept piling in and getting drunk. it was gross. my sister was all "gee, you sure chose the wrong night to dress like that..." i looked like one of Them. i felt bad. my feet hurt and in the end i sat around and waited for the night to end. i went home and passed out after eating.

woke up saturday at 2pm. jie was here cuz she had brought her car to the shop. turns out she needed a new transmission. $2000. suuuucky... she was a 1 in 8000 hondas to have a defective transmission in 5 years. what really sucks, is daddy had just been saying a month ago that jie should be thinking of trading in her car before it loses value. we were all "what?! it's so new!" and jie loves her baby car but now this. damn it. it sucks that he's almost always right... anyway. i brought up trading her car. she still is getting it fixed, but went to the dealer. we were there for two hours or so. she got a car. brand new 2003 opal blue honda hybrid civic. it's so cute. looks like a normal car. it's nice and quiet. near the end of the deal i got excited... jie was buying her OWN car. it was real neat. she got $5500 trade in for her 98, and the car was supposed to be $21000 something as the sticker but we got it for $19735. (we. hee hee. as if i was part of the buying. whatever.) woo. my cousins from taiwan were here for a bit, lisa and amy and their mom rosa, and we went to eat at macaroni grill. we took some pictures, talked a bit, then they had to go to their uncle's in daily city. i think they're going back to taiwan tomorrow. they've been in vegas for a week. my uncle has a toy company and so he had a convention. too bad they couldn't stay longer. too bad we didn't think about clubbing! my cousin likes to club and we totally forgot to even think of inviting. she got here friday night. pity.

jon and i had a 4 hour phone "conversation" saturday. it was nice. we NEVER talk that long. always just... die. we almost died tho. so tired. we're all tired. really tired day. the week was pretty stressful. stupid at&t. anyway... oh yeah. check jon's computer... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomigosh yes. i saved a copy on there. whooooo. :] *sigh* happy day. i started feeling nautious before knowing i'd lost all that. all of my scanned pictures. ofcourse they're uploaded on my domain... but that'd be such a pain in the ass to hard copy them on to my computer by downloading ever single one, you know? anyway. i'll transfer them on to my massive hard drive (reor) and then sleep. jie's passed out on my bed. she has been for the past few hours. we were going to go to san fran to see the woo's and camarda's (cousins) but then she passed out and we never left.

nosy went crazy and ate the house today. i didn't pay much attention to him today... he probably felt neglected so he was rebelling. he's been good tho consisitently and around 11pm-1am he'll go straight to his cage and jump in, ready for "bed"... he gets hungry and wants snack, hay, and feed and just jumps in. my little booger :) he's getting better.

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