August 1, 2003



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recent money mongers: god. yes. God.

i've decided i love hegdgehogs. i want one now. a real one. my new baby toy is prickles. he's not a normal beanie baby so he's okay. i've been in mountain view for sat/sun-wednesday every week and so i've been missing out on time with my babies and jon. i missed jon so much this past weekend. it made me cry :*( nosy and aristotle were brought over to jon's to join the rats (the rats have been there for a while now) because the air conditioner was broken. again. yes. the first time it broke they replaced it. then it worked, and stopped working again... a day later. turns out the brand new one was installed and had leaks all over. it's working now and instead of 95 degrees (i'm SO happy that nosy didn't heat stroke and die... he's not supposed to be hotter than around 70 degrees) it's a beautifully constant 75-78 degrees. nosy'll deal with 80 degrees, but i'm trying to keep it a bit cooler. the electricity bill's gonna be SO much this time... last month it was $60 and this month the air was on a lot more. yeesh.

i was thinking of getting nosy a friend and maybe he'd be less nippy. there was a beige chinchilla for $90 (they're ususally around $180) and it was so super cute. but jon insists he can't handle another one and that he'll go crazy. the beige guy was sold anyway, so i guess it wasn't meant to be. at the pet store they have a girl who was pretty nippy but it was friendly kinda bites, not vicious. if i got a girl it would definitely mate with nosy tho and on the list i'm on it says mating with a store bought chin is bad since they might have health concerns. my nosy poo. i got him a new "toy." hopefully he'll "play" with it.

i am so dying at my work. there's nothing to do and i'm just sitting here. someone's hammering and it's making my head hurt.

i think the exercise is working. my tummy went down. at one point it was 28" (i know) and now it's back to 26"... now i just have two more inches to be back to "normal." i still have to find a doctor tho. there's still rolls i want to get rid of and i want to make sure they're "just" fat.

hedgehogs... super cute... i think i'm going to have a hedgehog page here. i'll post it up as one of the main links. they're just so ferkin adorable. jon'd kill me if i got one. but i was reading and apparently they're really easy to take care of. but they live in like 75-85 degree temps and nosy is 70 and below. might conflict. oh well.

i've been looking for places again. there was a really pretty place but it would be like $700 a month. i can't do that :( so the place i'm looking at now would be like... $479 or something. so a little more than what i have been paying. ofcourse now it's $975 for a one bed one bath, instead of a two bed two bath for $895, but it's a house. and it's in a pretty good area... near the fab 40's. oh yeah. here in sac there's a block or two downtown called the fab 40's. all the houses on the 40th streets are humongous and pretty.

anyway... there's a site carol showed me. there's two actually. first one is lost monster designs where you adopt monsters. first i was like "this is so stupid... why would you pay for a squiggly drawn computer "monster"... but then i clicked on it and they're REAL! and they're hand made! they are super cute. ca and i wanted mabel but i'm sure everyone else does too so she's already gone :( on well.

next site is a replacement for friendster. i love friendster. it's awesome. it's where i met toasty... he's my new friend of the month of august. anyway. friendster is rumored to start charging soon, and so if they do there's another site, everyone's connected. it's a funky design and it's not as clean and clear cut as friendster, but i guess it'll do if need be. i'm registered under both as FRUHD. or you can just look up my name.

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