August 21, 2003



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quote of the while: *picks up a keyboard box* "this smells like it's from target." ~jonathan

oh god i have to pee.

ok. i had to poo too. i feel gross pooing at work. i feel bad for making stinkies. but it happens.

i'm trying to work out a family tree. i want it to be postable on my website so all can see and family can edit and add and take away names and stuff. i wanted it to be flash, but that's a really hard goal to have considering i've never even touched flash before (well, other than playing with it.) mike said he'll help me. yay :) he's coo. yah. supah coooo.

i think i had a lot to say. i can't remember any of it now tho. oops. oh well. *yawn* pretty tired. i'm pmsing. i took some premesin (that stuff is the only stuff that works) and then went out to eat with justin at 7 on tuesday. i came home at 9:30 ready to pass out. i drifted to sleep after flomping on my bed and finally had the energy to shower at 11. wednesday i got up and was gonna pop another premesin. i looked and the bottle was benedryl. retard. i didn't even notice that the pill i took was hot pink, while premesin is a fatty white pill. brilliant. i took a REAL premesin on wed and things were ok. i drove home. it took 2.5 hours. i drove 40mph for atleast a third of the way. it sucked.

ah yes. i talked to bonnie. yes. bonnie. i haven't talked to her since like sophomore year. she got all weird and fob-y and so i stopped talking to her. we met up and caught up on everything since middle school. went thru why she changed and how she's doing now and what's up and some stuff on other people from highschool. it was interesting. so she's still a good person, it's just situations forced her to change. it was good to know. she's just been through a lot of shit. we met up at 9pm on mon night and yammered until 4am on tuesday. yeesh. i was so tired after that. i didn't get up till noon the next morning/afternoon. bonnie had to wake her ass up at 6am to hitch a ride with her friend(s) back to san diego where she's going to school.

i asked daddy for money and he agreed. so every saturday before the 30th i'll be getting a check for rent. yay :) but he was all "ok, but you better not drop any of your classes..." that's 19 units of hard classes that i have to stick with. it's hard. i'm scared. i hope i can live...

i really can't remember what i wanted to write. oh. it randomly started pouring here. it's bee 90+ degrees and then suddenly pouring rain and thunder and lightening. i think it's lessened up. it's still all muggy out tho. it's like florida or taiwan. odd. ok. bye now.

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