August 28, 2003



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rant: what the fuck is wrong with black people. they wonder why we think they don't speak well. well MAYBE it's because they don't know how to say "th." it's birTH. not birf. it's monTH. not momf. where the fuck did the god damned "f" come from? it's not in the fucking spelling, it's not a fucking silent letter, it's no where in the fucking word. fuck. say it right. "why do they think we're all uneducated. meh meh meh. blah blah" shut the fuck up you stupid shit. learn to talk, THEN maybe i'll listen. and then there's the fucking retard kids that try and talk all ghetto ebonics like. what the hell is an asian 13 year old girl talking ebonics to her persian 13 year old friend? that's so fucking messed up. speak english. correctly. that's why you're in school fucktard. learn.

i wanted my tree to look something like the visual thesaurus (type in a word and click "look it up"), but mike said it'd take at least two years of physics and then on top of that all the programming of sql and all these other programs. nevermind. i'll just stick with snail mail, paper, white out and fax machines. ha.

this weekend i brought jeffrey and sarah to a movie. i left sac at around 2pm, but then went to lee's house to drop off some kahluas and white russians, to say hi and happy birthday. sunday was his 21st. happy 21st, lee. anyway. i was there waiting for jon to come by and bring me a playboy (bonnie's friend from starbucks, elizabeth dindial, is in this month's issue so i was curious to see) but jon couldn't find a play boy and he stopped to get stir sticks, a mixer cup, ice and dry ice so he took forever and a day. the boys (dave, jeremy, lee, nick, and eric) decided to go swimming (except lee who was cooking yummy meat) and i ate some food and fruit. good god dave is attractive. i think it'd be bad if i were to be left alone with dave and we were drunk. jon would be sad. yes... anyway... so dave's like perfect at everything. he and nichole, girlfriend of like three+ years, broke up recently. he's been with two or three new girls already? he's like straight a student, does boxing, other sports, probably runs fast, super cool, and attractive. with it shaved he has a nice chest. jon was wondering if he should shave his chest. eh... i dunno. i'm used to it hairy and i think it's fun. but dave's is pretty damned sexy. jeremy's isn't bad either. but jeremy's jeremy. can't think anything sexual about him. he's a dirty-cum-in-your-face-smash-your-face-in-the-pillow kinda guy. dave seems more decent than that. i'm sure he is too. so i can THINK stuff. just not too much. cuz jon's my guy and i love jon. aaaaaaaaaaaanyway. la da daaa... yes. it was 4pm. shit. it got late. i had to be in mountain view by 7ish for the movie. oops. so i hauled ass and drove like 80 (hey, it's a 70 limit of 5... not too bad...) and made it by 7. i asked if he knew where the theater was and he didn't so i had him get directions from sarah's. he didn't know her address. i invited justin and he said he'd go and daddy asked who else was going, i said my friend from saratoga.

we got to the theater and jeff and sarah took off. "ok, don't mind the driver. just... go" and jeff was all "ok. bye" and they walked off again. punk. jeff had gift certificates so he paid my ticket and then he and sarah went to "go save some seats." didn't see them again until after the movie. we went and saw a jackie chan movie, "the medallion." if you haven't seen it, don't. it's not too great. i went in the theater and couldn't find jeffrey anywhere. justin and i chose a seat smack dabble in the middle. i wanted to *flomp* but felt it'd be awkward so i stayed in my chair and had the arm rests down. i ate rice and meat. i was so hungry. half of the movie was english and randomly it'd be dubbed. even the white people's voices were dubbed. their mouths moved to a different beat. what the hell.

we get out of the movie and sarah's in the potty. "where were you?!" jeff goes "we were on the side. i was waving to you the whole time!" whatever. punk.

justin went to his car after a hug and then i proceeded to drive the kids home. i'm betty. i got lost. i had sarah call her parents to say we were running late cuz i got lost. then jeff called home. daddy called 2 minutes after jeff hung up. "where are you." "i'm driving back. i got lost. i'm going to take sarah home and we'll be there. like 10 minutes from no--" "sarah's there?" "yeah..." "jeffrey didn't tell me that. i'm going to have to talk to that boy..." oh shit. why the hell would jeffrey not tell his parents she was going. dad hung up. i brought sarah home. when we got there the first time i had meant to walk to her door with jeff to introduce myself to her parent(s) as the driver and older sister, but i was stuffing my face with food. by the time i wiped my mouth they were in the car. dropping her off, before i undid my seatbelt sarah was out of the car and the door was closed. so i didn't say hi again. i feel bad now. here's why:

jeff insisted he told his mom sarah was going. she insists he didn't. why he lied, i don't know. at 5:30pm amy-mom asked if sarah was going. he said "is she? what? i don't know. no." why? i don't know. he's allowed to go out with her. when we were leaving i was shouting to jeff to get directions from sarah's. daddy asked who else was going. i guess he was doing his "subtle" way of asking if sarah was going. why he didn't ask blatantly? he's daddy. i said my friend, not realizing or even thinking he had no idea sarah was going. jeff had told him she wasn't going too. so i was in a shit load of trouble when i came home. dad thought i was lying for jeff and didn't tell him sarah was going. ofcourse i wouldn't tell them, i thought they knew! why would i go "yes. i'm going to the theater. and i'm taking the car. and we're going to sit in the seat. and we're going to watch a movie. and we're going to watch with our eyes." it's so stupid and redundant. but he thought i didn't know they didn't know and i guess it was my silent duty to tell them who was going. well shit.

so everytime the kids go out and sarah's mom brings them, the mom calls amy-mom and tells her she's taking them. amy-mom says ok, they go. this time amy-mom didn't KNOW sarah was going, so she didn't call. sarah's mom was prolly like "wtf?" so that's bad. that's why i really regret not going to the door. gaaaaaaaaaaah. well amy-mom beleives that i had no idea she didn't know. daddy however... he was pissed at me when i came home. "don't talk to me. i'm VERY upset right now." but the next day he was "daddy" again and pretended nothing was wrong. i decided not to bring it up. so i don't know what he thinks.

i worked at amy-mom's work on mon, tues, and wed. drank a bunch of tea. i like tea. i got artwork from mackenzie thorpe. however it's spelled. i love it. i got it framed too.

mon: was supposed to get up at 9 to work at 9:30, alarm didn't wake me up, kinda woke up at 10:45. was supposed to re-register for classes at 11, snoozed until 12. oops. tried to register, all classes are still full. got to amy-mom's work around 1pm but with boba in hand.

tues: got up at 10:30am and started errands around 11am. i was to frame this random sized (18" x 12 3/4") photo of the people in her office (eLCOS) that they took at a seminar. i went to aaron brothers and the framer wasn't in. said it'd take a 10-day turnaround. ookay. leaving. i was directed to fast frame. framer wasn't in. they said i COULD buy a premade frame, and they'd mat it. so it would be off in the frame, but better than nothing. there was mackenzie thorpe art everywhere. prints, sculptures, and posters. it was so great. i decided to buy two. i went back to aaron brothers and bought a frame to match the picture. i forgot my cell and went back home and called amy-mom but she didn't answer. i went back to aaron brothers and decided to get two more frames, so i could compare and see which one looked the best. i got two poster frames for my new posters. i went back to fast frame and they helped me choose one of the newer frames i chose. i got one of the posters in the frame, the other was too small. got me tea and amy-mom boba coffee. went to amy-mom's. did some work, then was sent to fry's. i got ethernet cables, 8-port switches, surge protectors and a switch stand, whatever that is. she wanted dvi-d cables, no idea what that is, but fry's doesn't have it. on the way out i got a playboy. yay. at the register i found that the total was $500+. amymom had given me $450 cash. yes. i was carrying $450 in cash. i spent 10 minutes with the checker and another guy taking away and adding items to total $450. total was $444.31. perfect. i went to pick up the picture. it looked great. i had had a scuff on the poster frame and the lady told me she'd patch it. she did much more than that. she added a paper backing to it, a hanging wire, and hanging hooks. wow. so awesome. i went back to aaron brothers to return the three not working frames. i realized i could get a "build it yourself" frame where you just get the edges. yay! they had the sizes. 24" x 32". frame guy was there and cut me some glass. i started putting it together (the frame) and he was like "oh no no no no no! comeon. grab your stuff and come on back." i got to go to the back room. he started and helped me put the whole thing together. he cleaned the glass and helped me insert the poster. in the end he added a hanging wire too. it was so great. i wrote him (oh, also the checker people at fry's) a nice "good customer service" note for the managers.

wed: got up at 9am. yeah. shocking to me too. went to the bank and got some "petty cash" (reimbursement money for expenses made by employees at the company)... i was carrying $350 in ones, fives, tens, and coins. yes. heavy. i went to get more tea and amy-mom wanted chicken. the place wasn't opened until 11. i was there at 10:40. i waited. i cleaned my car. the vaccuum i have? really sucks. in a bad way. not a good functioning working way. stupid crap. i got the tea (i like the chocolate tea), boba coffee for amy-mom, and the super hot and pungent chicken. got in the car and went. got to the office and had amymom help unload all the fry's crap. she liked the picture. i think. she had me try the chicken. it was actually really good. she sent me back to fry's for the one ethernet cable and one 8-port switch i didn't get the day before. gah. came back. turned out i had got the wrong stand. oops. like i knew what i was doing. the person who worked there was just as bad. anyway. that was that. got in the car at 3:30 and drove home.

got to sac at 6pm. went to osh and got a hammer and some picture hanging nails. went to safeway and got some groceries. got home where jon had cleaned the house and all the baby's cages. hung my poster. went with jie to mall at 8pm. only thing we found for a wedding present were crystal glasses. $298. engraving would be $38. gah. we ended up going to hot topic (i bought a flipping cow pen, more flame paper and a happy bunny pin "wow you're ugly") and then nordstroms to try shoes. i tried the floaty platformy flip flops. i loved them. but $30... eh... i didn't get them.

wedding for dennis and may is saturday. flying there tomorrow night. jon's first flight. hope he doesn't flip out. i need to get a dress and so jie and i are going shopping again today, this time with more than 1/2 hour time. tomorrow jon and i work and then we haul ass home to get shit and then jon's mommy's bringing us to the airport. yay. then we flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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