August 9, 2003



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at&t said that they would call jon by friday (he had his interview thursday) but he got no call yesterday. we're hoping they meant NEXT friday... afterall, it'd be hard to decide everything in one day, right? i hope...

yesterday was a pretty long day. jon had a bad day. he made a lot of sales, but he was really tired and he didn't get the job call. i tried making him more happy but that didn't work to well. later on we ate and at 9:30 we went to ben's for the pre-party.

sleepy. we blobbed around while everyone got drunk and high on speed-stacks and then we went to 815. jon said some messed up stuff about a woman and i got pissed. i couldn't believe he said it. i was so ready to leave. my sister got me to get up an hour later and dance a little. she talked to jon a little and talked to me and i talked to jon and i guess it was okay. i got jon to get up and move to stand by us dancing. told him to stop drinking. drinking's bad. especially when he's tired. on caffeine he won't shut up and he's hyper and annoying. on alcohol he says stupid shit that should remain in his head. he drank water the rest of the night and it was okay. went to ben's a little for post party and had some yummy mac and cheese that tammy made. got home around 3:30am, showered, and went to bed. it was hot.

nosy was being really good and super cute yesterday. i let him out again when we got home and then he was a butt to get back in his cage. he let out sad little welps. :( my little booger. i let aristotle play at night and then jon called today and said "you know... i woke up today and realized... we didn't block off the kitchen." oh crap. i looked in aristotle's usual sleeping place behind the tupperware and he wasn't there. i checked behind the rice and the recycling and wasn't there either. went to the kitchen and checked under the fridge, wasn't there. looked under the oven and couldn't see. i pulled out the broiler, and there he was. sitting surrounded by some mysterious fuzzy stuff (looked like care fresh and toilet paper, but he hasn't had that since last year... maybe he moved it a long time ago? hopefully it wasn't fiberglass or some insulation or something...) and he was looking at me. i looked at him. he got up and waddled towards me. i picked him up and he unwillingly obliged. he had pooed and peed everywhere. i put him in his cage and cleaned up the fuzz and pee. the oven's still open to air out a little. he really likes the broiler. it's such a scary place tho, being a gas stove and all...

i took a rock poo. i hate how the water splashed back so violently. yuck.

there were two funny quotes from yesterday but i can't remember them for the life of me. damn it, i know i should have written them down. gaaah. oh well. my skin's all itchy.

tommorow's linkin park!!!! jie know's their lackey (he used to be the lackey for filter. she met them in ohio when going to wwf... wwe? whatever it is now and she got up close and tight with the band. now he's with linkin park. ee!) and so she got us hooked up with backstage passes and everything. apparently it's the summer sanitarium tour. whatever that is. i don't want to watch limp biskit and crap like that. i just wanted linkin park. maybe we can hang out with them the whole 5 hours or whatever long it is. i'm excited. going to bring a whole ton of booklets (ok, just a few... me, jeffrey, david, and maybe carlos') to be signed. wee! linkin park linkin park :) i was trying to be a stupid crazy fan and learn all the lyrics but i gave up. too hard. oh well. it's ok.

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