september 1, 2001; wednesday

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abortion. ok, sure, so it's "killing a life." but imagine going down the street as a little 3 year old and seeing photographs larger than you of dead, bloody, disfigured, torn up "fetus"es. how traumatizing would that be? yeah, you can have your own opionion about it, share it with people... but don't force it on them. yeah, impacting people is a good way to have people remember your message. but if it can be harmful to a child, or disturbing to the wrong kind... don't do it. the antiabortion people are so selfish over THEIR point of views. imagine being the woman that HAS to get an abortion. she has NO money and can barely afford to live on her own. she has taken every percaution to not get pregnant, yet the condom breaks, or she's raped, or the pills didn't work. what's she going to do? if she aborts the "baby" before it's even really developed, what harm is there? a "possible" child is murdered? how many kids are miscarried in the world? would it REALLY be better if this child is born in poverty? would it really be better off, starving, cold, abused, and neglected... but alive? or would it be better off not even born, not ever experiencing the bitter pain of the world that it would have been brought in to? say the woman who aborts the child is a cruel individual who purposely got pregnant JUST to kill it and disfigure it in a horrible, torturous way to put on those posters. would it REALLY be that great of an idea to have her NOT abort it, have the kid... and see what happens to it? antiabortion activists are usually pretty well off. they've never lived in shit piss enviornments when they've had to scrape up food and pennies off the floor to feed themselves. THEN get scoffed and yelled at and called names when another burden has been brought upon them. and yes, a child to those conditions would be a true burden. when a wealthy family has an abortion to a healty child late on, then that's a completely different story. but then again... it depends on the circumstances. say the woman can't have the baby. as in... she isn't capable. so the activists are saying "kill the woman! just so the baby lives! fuck the rest of her family, her husband, relatives, friends... just don't kill he baby!" it isn't even a baby until it's been developed. yes, it's living... but so is the air and the molecules we breathe. i don't see these activists all being vegetarians and not breathing air and making sure they don't kill ANY being. bugs, vegetables, fruit, plants, animals, even water... there's living beings in everything. sparing a clump of molecules that just happen to be a fertilized egg doesn't mean that suddenly everything is better. things are still dying. and who said that humans are more significant than all the other things being killed out there? humans. that's right. listen to george carlin. he's bitter and crude but hey... it makes sense. these antiabortion activists... do whatever they can, whatever they please, whatever they're allowed to do to "promote life" and cause good in the world... but once this child is born? fuck it. it's none of their business. they threw all this shit on the woman to give birth to the thing and now that she has? no help from them. she's on her own now.
i know there's arguments that are legitimate on both sides. moral, fact, objective, subjective issues... it doesn't matter. an opinion is an opinion. if no one asks for it, don't go shoving it on to people. it's not fair and it's not right to force things on to a person. some people don't have the choice. they're forced in to something they don't even want to do. telling them over and over and yelling in their faces that it's bad doesn't make it any easier on them. and to whoever's reading this? if you have an opinion on what i just wrote... that's great. i don't care what you have to say. this is my rant and you chose to read it, i didn't force it on you. i know that people object to abortion. to certain extents i do as well. but if it's legitimate (very subjective term, i know) and it's needed... it should be allowed. women shouldn't get shit for the choices they make.

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