September 12, 2003



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r.i.p. john ritter and johnny cash

ever feel like this sometimes? *stretch* *yawn*

i just looked up ticket information and hotel information for a "boss" of mine. finally a non-stupid-shit job. he always gives me "jobs" like "can you ask priscilla to ask gene if he is going to the event tomorrow?" ok... why don't YOU just walk NEXT DOOR and ask him yourself. you could have walked to him and already found out by now. anyway.

so. staples. could it BE more boring? jesus it's SO dead in there. i almost died. i cleaned the whole area i was in, went out and cleaned half of the store, and i was still aching for something to do. the other girl who works there, christina, said that it's so laid back that i could bring books and read. yay! hw time! there's seriously SO much reading i have to catch up on. monday night i was stressing out insanely. i was getting a serious reality check of how hard this semester is going to be on me. i have to learn a new language, italian, remember and spruce up my spanish skills (oh. more on that class later), work my body so it slims down (more on my fat later), tutor people (more later), write shit loads, read shit loads, and memorize. a shit load. yes. i have to memorize the monuments, times they're from, and who made them if possible. look at these: stele of naramsin, stele of hammurabi, assurnasirpal II, and assurbanipal. yeah. how the hell can i remember those. spelling too. shit. trying to kill me.

italian is really different. i'm KINDA getting it. but then ofcourse we got in to a new chapter now and it's like vocab galore. insane. everyone else is like "holy shit!" too though, so i don't feel so stupid. i'm seriously going to damn myself taking it RIGHT after spanish. i got confused already for the first time in spanish. couldn't remember "what's your name." in spanish it's como se llama. in italian is come si chiama. gawsh. so spanish there was a slim chance of me getting in. i showed up to the diagnostic test anyway, though, to see if there was room for me to take it so i wouldn't have to later. the diagnostic was to see if people were "qualified" and experienced enuf for the class. yes. i was. i passed with flying colors. some people were all joking around "dude. i got 30%" and telling everyone their crappy score, saying they haven't done spanish in ages... i got a 94%. yeah. crazy. i didn't even think i was all that good in spanish. i guess jon's right. i'm pretty good. but i'm not able to speak to people. my accent's ok for italian i think. better than my spanish one. it's so song-y. anyway. i got in to spanish.

yesterday i was getting dressed and put on my tiny undies and so i thought i'd wear my low riders. they were stuck. "hunh. i got it folded. let me unfold." i unfolded the top that was tucked in and... shit... it was still stuck. OH! it's cuz i'm so fucking FAT! my legs have gotten so fat i can't even fit my "fat" pants. it's really bad. i've started eating more, trying to speed my metabolism. working out has started (my arm pits hurt) and so that should help a bit. i really want to tone down and fit back in to my once favorite pants. they were so stretchy and perfect. now my legs and waist are so chunk that i can't fit in to them without spilling. ew. spillage.

chinese civilizations. my teacher likes to show off his chinese speaking skills. he's a white guy who loves chinese. he knows pretty much all the languages (dialects as you other people call them) of chinese and how to write them. very impressive. but old. he does it so much it throws off people in the class that don't speak chinese. i get confused sometimes cuz he'll speak cantonese, or write something and not say what it is. it's really unfair. but i understand well enough. this guy came up to me after class and asked if i'd help him. i thought he was hitting on me. still think so too. this other guy that sits next to me was like "oh! you're meeting! me too!" and then this other guy that's in my english class. so hoang, vietnamese guy who was hitting on me, monty, a black guy, and frank, a guy in my english class too, met after my english class and i went over all the notes so far. apparently i was a super lifesaver. monte was totally interested and was like "oh! woah! so THAT's what he was talking about..." and stuff and he was interested. he was like "ok. so when are we doing this again. it's so great." and i felt good. i provided good to the fellow students. :) joy.

i wrote a letter to daddy telling him about my schedule. want to hear? ofcourse you do. i'll tell you:

monday: up at 10:30, art history at 11am. over at 11:50am. break and rest and read art history/government/chinese book until weight training at 1pm. sweat and work out till 1:50. dry off, get girly again, and read some more. government at 3-4:15pm. spanish at 4:30-5:45pm. italian from 6-7:50pm. home by around 8:20pm. get some grub, check my email, play some minesweeper (i should really get rid of that on my computer. i waste so much time on that stupid game i love so much), read, and pass out. i've been taking my meds at around 10:30-11pm and just getting overcome with tiredness at 11:30 and just passing out. no brushing teeth, now shower, just stinky rotting betty in her jeans and school clothes. i've been getting to bed by 12am mostly tho so that's good.
tuesday: up at 11am. make food for later, eat breakfast, play on computer, read a bit. 1:08pm leave house to go get allergy shot. 1:30pm allergy place opens, i get shot, i leave around 2pm. drive to school, chinese civilizations at 3pm. yadda yadda badda badda till 4:15, english from 4:30-5:45. go home, grub, and study my ass off for wednesday. there's ALWAYS reaeding for art and government and now there's hw for spanish and i need to practice my italian every night. sleep betty. sleep.
wednesday: same as monday with twice the reading power. maybe some lunch. smoothie. definitely a smoothie in the middle of the day.
thursday: same as tuesday... now on thursday i did the tutoring from 6-7:30pm. so i got home around 8:23pm after going to safeway to get some microwave healthy choice dinners for me and meat and vegetables for jon. mm. pork loin. made food, ate, watched some news, showered, bed.
friday: up at 10:30 for art history again at 11am-11:50am. drive my ass over to work, walk there, and i'm actually IN the building around 12:40, but i say 12:30 to get an extra 10 minutes on my time card. shh. i cheat. work till 5:30... and i guess i'll go home and study. this is the first time i've done the working after school thing. last week i didn't go to work.
saturday: work at 10am-3pm. i'm hoping i can do errands... clean, food, laundry, gas, stuff like that. and homework. lots of homework.
sunday: work from 11am-5pm. go home. eat. homework. god there's not enough time to read! aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!
and now it's monday again.

that's my schedule. fun, eh? yes. fun. i think i'll have a break down... oh... two weeks from now. i'd say. yes. probably. i'm a ball of stress right now. i'm doing alright tho, i think. i have a rant bubbling. one on terrorists, god, and the american system. oh. and the government recall. god it's stupid. i just spent a an hour and a half on this entry tho so i'll go study instead of waste more time on a rant. till next time...

OH! teachers. what's up with it. it's good and all, cuz the teachers like me ususally, but ALL of them ALWAYS know my name. from the first day, they can go "betty. oh i saw you. you're here." and they'll search for everyone else on the list. but betty they remember. so if i miss, they go "where were you" cuz they KNOW when i'm there or not. it's so weird. i guess my cuteness has gotten me again. *sigh*

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