september 23, 2000; saturday


rantish addition to a journal entry... but not angry.: so i totally don't think jeremy's attractive anymore. this is seriously great. eric called me last night. twice. it was exciting. course he prolly was just horny. cuz it was 2am and even tho i was tired he still wanted to hang out. "do something." but... oh well. i guess it's flattering. kind of. ok not really. bleah. i'm a link on chris' new layout page :) that's exciting ca's my friend. i like ca. i have a pimple above my lip. i hate those. cuz then i put on the syslic acid stuff and accidentally lick my lips and... ew. justin's my friend. i like justin. i got am a buffy book yesterday. i like it. it's exciting. the season premiere is FINALLY gonna be this tuesday. i'm happy. shaddup. it's one of the two shows i watch. yeah. so the book has every episode to date in it and a short summary. it's neato. quite.
claddagh ring. circle. square. david locke. key. ceramics. clay. deolivera. 2nd grade. happy. innocent. past. over. time. watch. stare. crush. (name.) confused. betty. noah. kimmy. chico. rich. tom. jack the cat. rat. fat cat. doooug!!!!!. cute. jeffrey and jonathan. brothers. visit. rant. anger. me. depression. sleep. headache. pillow. squishy. nathan. necklace. lost. gone. wish. joke. funny. life.
ok that was fun. word association. and look! no sex! sex? ha ha. jie's silly. nick is SO not 21 this year. steak's gross. it left a taste in my mouth. i feel sick still. :( < -- face of sadness. *sighness* i don't want to do homework. i'm tired. of so much stuff. yayeee!!!!! ca's sending me twdy player's holiday!!!!! it totally wouldn't work for me off napster. am's my good bud. i like am. she's a true friend. i miss bao bao. she's my buddy too. we're still pretty alike i think. yep. ok, i think that's it for now.


journal entry: still con-foo-zed. oh well. my stomach hurts. ate too much. i don't get the difference of tri-cuts and steak. steak's gross. tri-cuts? good. not so chewy that my jaw falls off. yesterday i was at jie's with ca. we saw sixth sense and drop dead gorgeous. noah called. he's following the betty-guy --> boy-scheme. he's in regret now. it goes like this:

-meet betty
-like betty
-do stuff with betty
-want betty
-get betty
-tire of betty
-bye bye betty
-time away from betty...
-regret of "losing" betty

nathan's going thru that now too. zach as well. great eh? yup. meanie neil. he mocked my pain again. i woke today at 5:30pm. slept at 4:30am. yup. lots of sleep. can we say... depression? uh huh. quite so. neil's out at his house. he's picking up his sister, shaquira. (andrea, shaquira. same thing.)

i had a dream. it was weird. it involved the stupid r.a., peanut butter smells, a puking baby from ms. mcfarlen, justin, colonial move in stuff for the united states, am, doctors, pretty pens, japanese store, bear skin, and... i think that's it. strange stuff. my head is killing me. i'm on chris' page. look. sleepy betty.

i'm gonna go download more songs now. maybe puke a bit. i swear i'm going to explode. i'm missing... things. i feel empty. even tho i'm going to explode. weird. i gotta go out and look for girls. too many ditsies tho... i gotta find some nice girls. just for you, bud. :]

thanks for being a sweetie, greg.

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