september 24, 2000; sunday


blah: jon's here again today. yup. my bad. no "h." yup. cute sleepy guy. watching some anime movie. he was sexiled today. took neil's place. poor jon. neil said it was good that the pillow smells like me now. yay! i smell good. aim's messed up for me. it's annoying. my head hurts. i feel like i'm going to puke my guts out. i called am and she was in kimmy's and they were doing kabuki make-up. ah. memories of 7th grade when am got out of the kabuki make up in bersnot's class and i had to be stuck with it along with andrew n. and eric s. cuz it was oil based and all day we walked around with white faces and eyeshadow and everything. so kimmy hasn't talked to noah since thursday. poor kimmy. noah called again tonight. wished i'd comfort him. he has midterms next week. that sucks. glad i didn't make it into a good... higher ranking/"better" school now. that'd suck for tests now. he's all stressed out. i didn't know what to say. i just can't comfort him now. maybe i'm taking it too far or too long... but... no. it's been a week. not long enuf i think. he wanted to know how my mom took it. my mom liked him. she said she's dissappointed in him. my step-dad said "oh. you talkin' about the kid we're burning at the stake, eh?" my sister isn't gonna do anything cuz she's listening to whatever i say. good jie.

this movie's really messed up. lots of shooting. oo. another one bites the dust. ouch. my head is killing me. i'm doing my wash. i ran out of money on my card. i had to at $15 more. hmm... in one month it would have been two years with nathan. my room's a mess. i need to clean it out. i need to do homework. art and english... study for my math test wednesday. oh. dryer time.

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