September 6, 2003



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"no! they're totally comfortable! really! it's like they're not even there!"
"but from the looks of it it looks like a perpetual wedgie..."
"no! i SWEAR. don't bash it until you try it."

ok. i tried it. a g-string IS a perpetual wedgie. you TOTALLY feel it. ESPECIALLY when you lean over. good god i thought it was going to fucking split me in half. and how uncomfortable. i wanted to fart but was worried it was coat the string. i SO wouldn't to put that thing on after taking a poo. oh god. that's just disgusting. i went to hot topic and got a "3 for $12" deal. yeah. i can officially really bash them now. yup. still anti-thong/g-string. (and g-strings are supposed to be "more comfortable" than a thong. eug.)

so i'm now in the process of burning all my cd's on to my hard drive. excuse me. ripping. i've filled 10 gigs so far. nice. twenty more on my "music" drive to go. yay! i love my hard drive.

cd drive was giving me problems. would read sometimes, then flop the next. it was pretty annoying. i opened up the computer and fiddled and pushed stuff in farther, pushed the drive out, popped it back in, and now it's reading alright. a bit slow to catch on that something's in it, but it's ok.

the wedding was cute. erika and dan were there. dan kept saying "isn't she cute? isn't she cute?" (referring to erika)... she's 5-6 months pregnant with twin boys. how could she NOT be considered cute. she was seriously glowing. i'v heard people say it before, but now i've seen it. erika was GLOWING. she was so adorable and pretty. it was great. and dan's so excited :) they'll be good parents. great.

brenda was looking cute too. she was in a purple chi-pow (she has those things in like every color) and erin was cute, as always. super duperly. i think she's just going to get cuter.

jon and i were seated at the "couples" table where 20/30 year old couples were. so i was with chrissy and her guy (rarez) (been together 7 years now), john john and janelle, dennis and angela (who are married), and this other couple who are engaged, have been together for 10 years. jie and jeff were in the "singles" table. it took us a while to figure out how we were seated. but sure enough, andrew and peter were over by jie and stuff so it wasn't a "kids" table. it's not like there are even enough "kids" to MAKE a kids table anymore. angela and ashley came for a good chunk of the reception. they are super adorable, as always, as well. goodness. love those girls. they're SUCH good kids. i leaned over and got a whiff of ashley. she smells SO good! those girls are so clean :) anyway.

so the actual wedding was like 10 minutes. serious. we were seated at 4:00, wedding started at like 4:15, and it was over by 4:30. then the reception. shit that thing was forEVER. it lasted until 11pm. it was a 7-course dinner but each course was sent out one at a time. oh. it was hilarious. when the food first came, all the waiters came out to this loud music. they walked down the isle, did a circle, and then proceded to the tables. it was all choreagraphed. i can spell. yeah. it was funny as all hell. janelle got drunk. it was cute.

we got to l.a. on friday. jon was TOTALLY fine on the plane. he had fun at the window seat looking at the pretty lights and the wing. that night uncle bobby picked us up. we met up with brian and robby and we went to universal city walk. jon was amuzed by how packed that place was at so late. we ate dinner at... uh... this place... and then went back to the room. next day we slept in. went back to universal city walk, got some make up for jie, then went back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. wedding happened, we went to bed. next day (last day in l.a.) we went to universal city walk. again. this time with amy-mom, jeff and jon. we ate lunch at hard rock cafe. i got the pig sandwich. shit there was a lot of meat. woo. jeff, jon, and amy-mom left and john-john called to tell us they were coming to eat. they ate at hard rock. yay. so jie, jon, and i went back to hard rock and sat with our left overs as andrew, brian, janelle and john-john ate. robby joined later. after we wandered for the third time around all the stores then we left to the hotel to get a shuttle. got to airport where retards checked our bags. i'm serious. air port security is SO stupid. they didn't even have an x-ray thing for baggage. "oh. we don't have instructions for it yet." uuuuh... ok... yes... i feel safe. after checking they didn't even close our bags. i reached to close it and he snapped at me "MA'AM. you can't touch the bag." oops. apparently there were signs EVERYWHERE too. "it's not closed" "oh. ok." he still didn't close it right. god they're so stupid. couldn't zip a zipper. gaaaaaaaaaah. jon was super amuzed this time by the lights and seeing sacramento and stuff from up in the air. he was cute.

oh! we got these things called "air-zooka"s. they channel air in to this thing and then shoot it to more than 20 feet away. scare the shit out of me. but they're fun. i saw it and immediately thought that eric would get a KICK out of it. we got one for jon and one for eric. sure enuf, eric thought it was "tiiight" *shake hands in the air*. eric's alright now. i'm okay with him. it's crazy how he just had to be away from melissa and now he's back to "normal" and being all cool with the guys and stuff. it was really cute. jon and eric were on the phone. "i miss you, man." and eric answered "yeah. i missed you too, dude." aww :) friends again. that's good.

school started. i'm enrolled in 20 units: chinese civilization, expository writing, art hitsory, weight training, american government, spanish reading proficiency, and elementary italian. i got a new job at staples. i'm going to work 5 hours at dhs on fridays and then 12 or so hours on the weekends at staples. still not enough for my dad. he's still like "when are you graduating. you need to get on track. you should start studying more. are you working? yeah, you should work..." and other shit like that. he seems to insist that 20 units is "normal" (12 units is considered "full time" nowaday...) and that i'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. "i don't want to see you drop any of these classes" he says. stupid shit. i cried for a good half hour on jon's shoulder over it. oh. what made it worse was how my dad was all "yeah. nancy's working AND going to school now. it's very good." and condoned her after shrugging me off and bashing me in his own indirect way. jon now hates daddy. he doesn't want to ask daddy for my hand when he asks me to marry... i told him that he has to. if he doesn't daddy'll think even LESS of me. that my boyfriend didn't even ask for permission. i asked him to ask, for me atleast. now jon hates my dad and ups the same. i felt kinda bad for whining about daddy so much to a point that now jon thinks he's a total asshole. he told me "i don't like it. i can't stay mad at him because you don't." and i tell him "that's because i've learned to forgive him. it took me 18 years of my life to forgive him. and now i have. i've recognized his defects." yes. there are a LOT. jon still would rather hate him.

had orientation for staples today. oh shit it was painful. one of the managers was registering me for the computer system. she was so fucking slow. i almost died. i was there for thirty minutes and she barely filled out two screens of information... info like name, address, birthday, store number, job title. stuff like that. it was so pathetic. i wanted to push her off the chair and do it myself. i think i almost died. i went to the mall and got some black pants. they fit badly, but i need slacks for work. jeans won't work, even thought i always see the manager wearing jeans. whatever. i'm just a lowly worker. i must obey.

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