September 6, 2004



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R.I.P. Aristotle

Arrived in my home on 7/22/02
Departed from here on 8/13-15/04

wah. long ass time. lots has happened. well kinda. not really. but hey, whatever.

Went rafting yesterday with work people, Jon and Paul... lessie... Mike, Jackie, LeQuita, Crystal, her friend Lorie, Sorena, Janette, and her son Darwin. Jon and Paul weren't too happy. The whole time Mike and Janette were smoking. There were a ton of people out on the river cuzza the weekend... yeah, it'll soon be the end of rafting season so everyone's all flocking. There was so much weed smoke. It was awful. "skunk?" "no, betty, that's weed." "oh..."

Janette, LeQuita and Mike are all "large" people... we didn't have enuf room and so Mike asked if we (Jon, Paul and I) could have a person or two on our raft/lagoon and we said "sure" so we didn't have to rent another. Of all people, they chose Janette. Which is alright, but since it was so fricken hot the raft had gotten all squishy. Janette got on and with all the water and sunblock it was insanely slippery and she kept falling in the lagoon and couldn't get back out/up. It was pretty sucky. Poor Janette :( but atleast she wasn't all "NOOO! WAAAAAAAAATER!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" and she was just "oh shit! can't get up! help! aaaah haa haaaa! haaaaaaaa! aaaahhhHHHHHHH!!! haaa hAAAA!!" and so it was more fun than other, but yeah, it was all squishy. Later on we had her switch to another one cuz she was having so much problems, but yeah, I think she took it as we didn't want her on it. At first we were worried a bit cuz the Oasis has been having some problems lately with holes and stuff, but it's all better now. Jon managed to patch them up. It was more of the whole she was slipping and would get stuck. So we stopped for a little cuz after a rapid we kinda drifted to some rocks on the side and decided to just stop and eat/drink/smoke. So people got out and we chilled a bit. Paul got the gun and chatted with one of the regulars (his skin is so fricken dark) about his hand-made gun and he shared some wisdom of how to get the gun to work better... and how to blast off tops of females :p hee. So this family went by and the guy was spraying them and the woman looked seriously pissed and said "NO, STOP." but he kept spraying and then the kids in the back (looked like 7-10 years old) were all "STOP!!!" and got all angry and the guy was all 'OK, OK, you're surrounded by water bug don't wanna get wet, ok, sorry.' and then the guy on the raft waited till they were all turned around and looked at us with a thumbs up and said "it's ok, all cool" so that was nice... but yeah, the guy with the gun was all "sorry, just trying to do a public service... blast away some of her fat." haa haa. "That's great. awful, but great. I gotta keep that as a quote." I said "Well, the ugly stuff anyway," he added to be P.C. :) Anwyay. Lorie shared some gold stuff with me (like cinnamon shnapps?) and it was tasty. Got a bit warm from a little sipple. Mm. Hot guys came buy and were having boat problems. Got it pumped again and were off... I was sad hot guys were going but then they started smoking and I was like "OK, not hot anymore, bye now." and they went and then people decided to go and Jon was all "shit, the Oasis is being pushed into sharp rocks" and was trying to get it away from it but yeah, it was difficult cuz everyone was all having issues on slippery rocks. Well Jackie had been loungin on the Oasis during the break and was super comfy so she had Janette switch with her so she could stay in there and so Janette was now in the raft with Mike (Jackie and Mike are married) and so there were the two bigger people in the one raft and then Jackie, Darwin, me, and occationally Jon and Paul were on the Oasis. Well later on Paul and Jon noticed a hiss and realized that Mike and Janette's raft was leaking. Found a small hole and decided it'd be fine... Mike and Jackie had brought a hand pump and so Mike'd just keep the hand pump connected and pump whenever they were sagging. Well later on Jon was like "uh... the hole's gotten bigger" and bubbles were all popping everywhere and he told me to ask Mike and Janette to hop onboard the Oasis but then allathesudden Mike and Janette were gone... they detached from us and beached themselves on some rocks and got out of the boat. "Uh... Mike and Janette... uh..." but no one noticed Jon or that Mike and Janette were way back there and so I tried to get the anchor but I'm retarded and couldn't get it in time. And the anchor didn't hit the ground anyway. So Jon got out and pulled to the boat to the rocks (which was actually just a mound of mud and bird shit, god it was gross) and the banked us and went to get Mike and Janette who said something about not wanting to burden us? whatever. Stupid. So Paul and Jon got all these things worked out and we pumped up the raft and then added air to Sorena's raft (it was getting squishy too) and regrouped... We put all of the stuff into the sinking one and stuck Paul in it and he had fun with the propreller and motored himself around. Janette went in with Crystal, LeQuita and... uh... wait... can't think of who else was there... and then Mike got in the lagoon and so did Lorie and Darwin got in a separate inner tube, Jon went swimming, and Sorena and Jackie hung out on the Oasis. The rest of the way was better but then Mike and Janette would start smoking again and Jon and Paul and I were all suffering. But I think it was alright, except for the break stops and it taking 6 fricken hours total (yeah, put in at 12pm and got out at quarter to six...) but yeah, Jon didn't really enjoy himself and Paul was bitching and moaning the whole time so I don't think he was happy either. Oh well...

School started. Went to Trinity to get a T.V. and it was broken. Best omelettes in the world. Aristotle died. Saw Garden State, Along Came Polly, Nappy D, Hero, uh... Reservoir Dogs... Watership Down, yeah... I love Lucky Boys Confusion... got a bugbite that covered 1/3 my calf...

I went to L.A. for my Grampa's birthday last month and ... yeah... drove 1000 miles in one weeked. Left Friday at around 2pm and got to Orange at 9:30pm. Stayed at Amity's. Cute ass place. She went to work and I stayed there and did stuff. Picked up Jie from the airport at 2pm and we went to the mall a bit and then went to party at 6pm. Jie lopped off all her hair... it's real cute. Dinner was good. I initiated a psycho picture thing and everyone was taking pictures for half an hour. Oops. Oh, well. We need more pictures of our family. Stayed at Dennis and May's again. Drove back to Sac on Sunday. It took so long... Jie and I made pit stops. I got home and was about to go to bed then realized... I haven't seen babiekins in a while... I was thinking that on Friday and had a bad feeling. Now it was Sunday night and I noticed his food mound was still the same as when I filled it Fridayish. He ususally rummages thru right when I fill it and it's all gone by the night. I asked Jon if he'd seen him recently. Nope. I worried he was dead. I blew in his igloo. He didn't move. Blew again... smell... so I sadly went to the hall and opened it up. Little Aristotle was curled in his little ball and laying peacefully. I picked him up and held him and cried a little and stroked his little furry back. Jon got me a tupperware and some bedding and I filled him a mini-coffin and gave him his favorite food chunks. We were gonna go to Trinity on Saturday so we decided to freeze my little guy until then.

Saturday came and we packed up Jon's van and we went. Jon has a power converter and we hooked up Rosco and listened to mp3's the way there. Ma and UPS got a hotel ($100 fricken dollars) but Jon wanted to stay in the van to save money. "No, no, we got a room with 2 queens... stay with us" but then I was like "no, Jon really wants to stay in the van. Well, we'll see when we get there." Got to Weaverville or something at like 10pm and Jon found a campsite where we blew up his parent's air mattress and we slept in the van and watched a DVD (Castle in the Sky). In the morning we packed up and doing so the opening latch on the van snapped off. Jon tied it together with a seatbelt. We got to to the storage place and packed up the crap. Oh yeah, ma and UPS had all their stuff from the place in Billy's Peak all in storage the past year and a half and realized they were spending too much money and decided to give it all away... Heather and Eilis and Eben wanted furniture but they never got their asses up there to get it so mommy was all "fukkit, we're giving it away. I am NOT renting a UHAUL to bring the furniture back to them..." well, a guy nearby's daughter needed stuff so we gave her the washer, dryer, like... two beds, and all other stuff. So awesome... she got a housefull of new furniture for free. Anyway. Jon and I went to get the T.V. and we helped with other stuff with the van. Went to Trinity and to Billy's Peak. Went to the property behind our old place and found a rock to bury Aristotle under right by the water. After we went across the way to the Forest Cafe for dinner/lunch and I got the cook to make me an omelette... the BEST omelettes in the world are there. Jon and I also got a lasagna... it's veggie, but they smother it in meat sauce to make it a meat lasagna. Hee. whatever works... stopped by a rock pile to get some rocks for ma. She wanted some trinity rocks. Were on our way. We stopped at a truckstop that had like everything. I got pizza and Jon looked at stuff. Back to Shingle Springs. Got up at 12pm... unpacked the van and UPS decided to clean out the whole fricken garage. Dusted the whole damned place and carried everything out of it. At like 4pm we were like "OK, leaving" and left... Jon built mommy two "ducks"... these things that hikers use for pathfinding. OH! we saw a few "ducks" at the river. they were fun. (Almost as fun as the REAL ducks :) )

so we come hom. finally. bring stuff up and set it all up. i cleared out space in the closet for the old mini t.v. and got out the d.v.d. player and finally set it up and moved stuff and yeah. about time to go to bed i decide to try the t.v. didn't turn on. shit. jon tried. didn't work. we took the f'er apart. no idea anything about t.v.'s except they emplode if they're not happy. left it. gave it back to mom. so pissed... all that driving (6 hoursish each way there and back) and stress and no fricken t.v. oh well... we're better now but that was just a topper to a crappy weekend.

Um... lessie... what else... school.

Registered for 19 units. Class started and I was late for the first class, ACCT 001. I sat on the ground and my leg was itchy. I looked down to itch and right when my hand got near I saw a mosquito fly away. Gafugguhsnigerbitch... I didn't have any Benadryl on me so I used Cortizone. Did nothing. By the end of the day it was the size of my palm. Next day it was the size of 1/3 of the calf in the middle. It looked like a giant welt. Awful. I took care of it with alcohol prep and Benadryl spray. 3rd day it hurt too much to put pressure on it so I went to Walgreens to rent crutches. "It'll be better by tomorrow," said Jon "no it won't." But sure enuf the next morning it wasn't as sore that I couldn't walk on it. Oh well. So crutches are a $40 deposit for two weeks and $5 every week after... if you return them by 2 weeks you get the $40 back. So essentially they're free. I thought it was great. So yeah. It's finally better now a bit itchy every once in a while, but most of my bug bites do that... specially the big ones... they'll also randomly break out in itch for a few years after whenever I'm real stressed and/or depressed.

Missed ACCT on wed and on fri so Friday I dropped it. Now it's Monday.

wanted to go to the fair. no one will go with me. so sad. still haven't gone... today's the last day... dunno if i'll go. oh well... *sniffleump* so much school work. i guess i should start reading. i'm glad i dropped acct. that was a bit more stress than i needed. still have 16 units...

oh yeah, went rafting with Eric and Paul and Jon a weekend or so ago. Eric lost his $500 perscription glasses first off. Sucked. We were bombarded with Mexicans and their water guns. Eric jumped in to splash them and the woman on the boat beat him with her gun. Eric got a fatty welt. Bitch! We weren't too happy. Trip wasn't all that great but atleast the weather was perfect.

been real stressed and depressed lately... eating lotsa "brownie delight"s from leatherby's. we decided it's my sex. :) mm. i want some... oh wait, tomorrow's the 7th... no... i don't wanna wait... grr... aw crap. they're prolly closed today. damn. oh well... i'll wait. *sniff*

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