september 8, 2000

my rant: school's started now and there's not much to do. i'm ready to go out and do bad stuff just to have "fun" but no, bad stuff's... bad. i'm bored. homework is a butt. i hate it. i always forget to take my anti-anxiety sleeping med and so i don't sleep still. last nite i kept waking up every hour. literally. and then i finally get up and i'm late for class that's at 11am. i go to class and i'm half way there and i find that i have no book and no hw for the class. gotta go back to the dorm. i get to class and they're taking a quiz and since i was late i didn't get to finish. noah's not talking to me and i don't know what i've done. ok so i was a bitch case, but i told him why and he seemed to get it but now i dunno. i'm hoping he's just busy cuz berkely's mongo hard on the work load but... i dunno. i say that a lot. i dunno. oh well. i'm going home this weekend. i need to go to the bank. i have no money. well... ok, $30. in check money. so no cash. i'm not hungry anyway tho so it's ok. my back hurts and it won't stop hurting. my foot still hurts from stepping on a tack a week or so ago. the tetanus shot stopped hurting tho. my sister's almost settled in from moving but i can never get a hold of her. i totalled my car the 24th and i don't have a vehicle. i can't get anywhere. i'll be stranded at "home" with no where to go cuz i won't be able to get anywhere. am's leaving saturday day from the funeral today so i prolly won't even see her. i gotta leave for class i didn't do homework for in 10 minutes. that's it for now.

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