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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

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lucky boys... lucky me ;)

Current mood: ecstatic

I'm so happy... yesterday Lucky Boys Confusion came to "Sac" (Orangevale) and I went to see them, bringing Sorena and Jie. (Jie found out about the show from KWOD... thank you KWOD thank you thank you) ... I was so sad since the only show around here in Cali was in like San Francisco on a Tuesday and I was like "well crap, I can't do that!" But... then they were here in Sac! Yay! Funny, though, is I stayed out till 4am anyway

Yeah, so after... no... before the show, first there were the prebands. Usually it's like, OK, have crap ass bands play and so the main band is awesome. Well no, the prebands were hella awesome possum cherry blossom. No Avail (from Sac), Ludo, Army of Freshman, then Lucky... but... I didn't pay attention at all to the Army... All I could think of at that point was "Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky... AAAHHHHH!!!!" with my eyes bugging out of my head and steam coming from my ears. But No Avail were great, I got this mini cd they have, and then Ludo... oh god, they're the best. Their CD just came out at Tower everywhere so you need to get it. SO good. AAAHHHH! So good. yeah. So spent shitton of money on new cd's... got them signed tho! Yay! I was glad the Boardwalk (where it was at) was hella small... not many people were there either. My lucky day. (heh. lucky. Lucky. ha.)

So. Army of Freshman... no idea, all I know is one of the tech guys looked like an ass. Dunno tho. didn't listen to any of it. I saw a grubby dude come out of the band room and was like "shit... is that... oo.. I think... ooo" so I went to the Merch guy for LBC and asked if it was... and it was Stubhy! (Yeah, I know, I'm a great fan...) so I waddled over to him and struck up a great conversation (sarcasm) but then got him to sign everything. He was pretty mellow and said he was feeling like crap back from the accident in September Broken rib... sucky bad bad. Nother guy... er... Jason. He came out too. Jie recognized him from the back of the CD... we went and molesterbated him too. Jie thinks he's the cutest of the band. He's pretty damned cute. But ofcourse, he's the only one with a girlfriend. Poor jie Anyway. So we chatted a bit then the show was starting. YAY!

Great show, superness, Stubhy had asked if I wanted to hear a song and I said Mr. Wilmington and he said he'd try and fit it in and regardless of if it was gonna play or not, he played it and I was ecstatic "HE'S PLAYING IT FOR MEEEEE!!!!!" anyway.

Show ended, got more pictures, and we hung with the band and members and merch guys of other bands... woo fun. I wrote in a MySpace thing to LBC that I'd get them all drinks so I got them all shots of Jager (sp?) and then some of them got beers and Stubhy got a gin and tonic... but I ran out of money and couldn't get more (I spent $60 in that place!)... we were kicked out at like 12am and then we went outside where guys were packing up stuff. We were gonna go home and Sorena was like "let's follow... they're gonna be at the *bleep* hotel at *bleep* and *bleep* ..." and we giggled... but we were actually right there next to them since stupid Greenback is so fricken long and there's only one way to go. Well, we dorkilly stopped the van Joe was driving to talk a bit and then Joe invited us to go back with them to the hotel. SWEET! But they wanted booze... so we were on a quest for that... after 3 stops we finally found a liquor store, got two 12-packs of Keystone, a Smirnoff vodka and a Jager (sp?). Showed up and got to their room.

Stubhy managed to get his own room for free cuz he's all smooth like that. Er... crap... I can't remember names. I keep wanting to call him Chris since he reminds me of Dee Dee Chris (Jie's friend), but... the singer from Ludo... I think it's Andrew. Anyway. He and the other guitar guy (oh wait there's more than one... crap. Uh... that guy. yeah.) played a song called Teradactyl (oh god I can't spell) and... wow. It was so beautiful. Stubhy and Joe played one after too. Then they played some sillies. They were so great. I want to have those songs to listen to. SO funny.

So we all dicked around and the guys got drunk and Ludo left. Ludo was insanely awesome and hopefully we can keep in touch... they're great guys. Drummer (Matt?) is super cute... reminds me of Ron from Harry Potter ;) Marshall was a sweetie to Sorena and me while I was there (dunno about with Jie since I was in the other room) ... if you read this, please don't buzz your hair. I like it now

Well they left and Stubhy kicked everyone out of the room (he was pretty wasted ) but then he looked sad so I hung out with him a little and kept him company for a bit. He was all drunk tho and out of it but I mashed his back a little and had a mini cuddle. It was nice. I enjoyed it . And I'm very proud... I went around groping everyone all night (I dunno what the hell got into me... oh wait... I was being me... HA) but I didn't do anything bad that I'd regret YAY! horraaaay! *donkey kong* ehh heeeh. heeeh. horraaaay! anyway...

I had a beautiful night. Now it's 7am. Shit. I need to sleep a bit. I've been missing class left and right. I'm just lucky my teacher is so awesome and nice and understanding... I gotta get some sort of rest. My head is killing me. I'll have happy dreams tonight filled with happy pictures and music. *happy sigh*

7:11 AM

You're a crazy little asian girl. I don't know why I hang out with you. Totally nutty. It's too bad you missed Army of Freshman. They were good. Very excited and tried to get the crowd going. Too bad it was such a baby crowd. Why didn't you write anything about feeling No Avail's guitarists ripe behind? It was the first thing you did last night. I don't know if any of this makes sense. I only had two hours of sleep. I'm tired and won't be home for another 2.5 hours. Later

Posted by Reowr on Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 11:35 PM

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