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Thursday, October 28, 2004

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Current mood: crappy

"Why didn't you write anything about feeling No Avail's guitarists ripe behind? It was the first thing you did last night."

yes yes, I forgot about that... my bad... was thinking all LBC... anyway. So right after No Avail played they all went to the merch counter... guitarist guy (I'll have to look up his name) had his pants all at his knees and his full on ass was hanging out and so I asked to pat it and Sorena and I each got a pat... oh goodness it was all fluffy and squishy! Mee hee. Cotton undies. I got a pic too. Hey! Post! Lemmie shrink it... *ray gun peOW!!!* here it is... oh! his name... Brian Kellogg:

3:48 AM

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