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Saturday, November 06, 2004

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survey... ONE!

Current mood: sleepy

[my name is]: Betty
[height?]: 5'
[in the morning i am]: still sleeping (literally, not tired, sleeping.)
[all i need is]: sleep
[love has]: huge blind spots
[if i could see one person right now]: stubhy *SMACK* no, um... well nosy's right there. i'll stare at nosy...
[im afraid of]: looking out the 2nd story window and seeing someone there
[i dream about]: stuff that I don't like to bring up

-H A V E .Y O U. E V E R . .
[been in love]: yes
[cried when someone died]: yea

-W H I C H . I S . B E T T E R-
[coke or pepsi]: pepsi. diet.
[flowers or candy]: cavities. mmm. pain.
[tall or short]:

-W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-
[what do u notice first?]: face/smile/eyes
[last person u slow danced with]: jon
[worst question to ask]: so... if I didn't have a boyfriend, would you be interested in me?

-W H O-
[makes u laugh the most?]: aaron
[makes you smile]: jon and my babies
[gives u a funny feeling when u see them]: stubh
[do you have a crush on?]: hunh. wild guess?
[has a crush on u?]: jon :p
[is easiest to talk to]: not really anyone anymore. they don't just let me talk. altho the top of the line is my seestur.

-D O. Y O U .E V E R-
[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. u?]: yes :(
[save aol/aim conversations]: oh god, the ones from highschool are indexed by screen name in a binder... no... wait... two binders
[wish u were a member of the opposite sex]: yes!
[cry because of what someone says to you]: duh. i'm female...

H A V E .Y O U .E V E R-
[fallen for ur best friend]: yup
[been rejected?] ofcourse
[rejected someone]: yeah
[used someone]: yeah
[been cheated on]: oh god. yeah.
[done something u regret]: yes :(
[been drunk?]: ha ha. yeah. (the ground smells like pretzels...)
[done drugs?]: just the ones perscribed by a doctor...

-W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N-
[u talked to on the phone]: jon. i hate my phone.
[hugged]: jon
[u instant messaged]: uuuuh... i can't remember... i think nathaniel? it was yesterday.
[that instant messaged you]: jay... "did you vote?"
[u laughed with]: keenan, tom, jon, josh and ... crap... charlotte.

-D O .Y O U-
[color ur hair]: nope
[ever get off the damn computer]: only cuz i have to
[habla espanol]: un po'... i mean... un poco. stupid italian... screwing me up... aaauauggh!! i mean... BUF!

-D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-
[smoke cigarettes]: second handedly. bleah.
[obsessive]: unfortunately
[could u live without the computer?]: i'd die. I'd be a lot more active and probably less depressed... so... wait... it'd probably be better. Hunh... no, I'd die.
[how many peeps are on ur buddylist?]: oh crap. I have three names... overlap... hm... like 230?
[what's your favorite food?]: italian. mmmm. cheeeeeeeeese.
[whats ur favorite fruit?]: apple pear!
[drink alchohol?]: uh... yeah... drunk... dar...
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: set. rise means morning. *wince* *HISSSSSS*
[what hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?]: emotional
[trust others way too easily]: used to. not anymore.

[ Current Dress ] jeans, socks, pipeworks tank, hair dye on my armpit that looks like i'm sweating profusely, yeah.
[ Current Makeup ] just me and my eye boogers :D
[ Current Mood ] irritated
[ Current Music ] lucky boys
[ Current Taste ] m&m peanut
[ Current Hair ] low ponytail that smells like weed and insense. bleah.
[ Current Annoyance ] phone and my back
[ Current Smell ] nosy piss and air freshener. guddamn he smells like a horse...
[ Current Thing I Ought To Be Doing ] sleep, shower, read, study, watch class, spend time with boyfriend, cook, clean... i hate myself.
[ Current Favorite Artist ] lucky boys and ludo. i'll be listening to the killers soon... i'm thinking i'll like them.
[ Current Favorite Group ] uh... yeah. k.
[ Current CD in Stereo ] lucky boys - "commitment"
[ Current Video In Player ] video? what's that?
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] juuuuust wiped of the shiny pink
[ Current Worry ] pain, school, test, butt, fat, lbc
[ Current Favorite Celebrity ] lindsay lohan. i know. shut up.
[ Girlfriend ] current girlfriend? don't think i have one of those...
[ Been In Love w/More Than 1 Person? ] yeah
[ Meanest Thing A Guy/Girl Has Done For You? ] done FOR, or done TO? there's a difference...
[ Ever Broke Someone's Heart?] don't think so. made them regret it tho. maaahaa haaaaa.
[ Someone Break Your Heart? ] duh. female.

5:13 AM

survey... TWO!

Current mood: contemplative

Name: Betty
Single or taken: taken
Sex: femail... er... male. i mean female.
Birthday: April 28
Siblings: jie, jonathan, jeffey, eilis, eben, heather... buster, gladys, rocky, billie, bernie, and those other animals that i don't recall...

Hair color: "black"... more like dead ugly dark brown :(
Eye color: dark exotic brown
Height: 5' (shut up. I am.)

Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Straight
Who are your best friends?: Am, Jie, Bao Bao, Jon Jon Jon, Flea, er... thinking...
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Jon Jon Jon
How many exes do you have?: 6
What is your longest relationship?: 3 years... the one I'm in now
What was your shortest relationship?: A day :p I guess it wasn't really a relationship, eh?

Do you do drugs?: the ones that the Dr. perscribes me
What kind of shampoo do you use?: Neutrogena and Bed Head (Moisture Maniac or something... I totally blanked just now)
What are you most scared of?: Guy standing outside my second story window
What are you listening to right now: Ludo, "Hum Along" (It's in my head.)
Who is the last person that called you?: Jon
Where do you want to get married?: Hawaii
How many buddies are online right now?: 17 on my list... but most of them are away (it's 5am dudes)
What would you change about yourself?: Jealousy... I hate being so stupidly jealous, I feel retarded.

Colors: Silver and pink
Foods: Italian. Pasta. Cheese. Tomato. Apple pear.
Girls names: Erin
Guys names: Lukas
Subjects in school: Art studio... and for some reason Algebra...
Animals: Aristotle :( Oh, and ofcourse Phizzy... Nosy... Buster when he's not trying to eat me and kill me...

Given anyone a bath?: yup
Smoked?: only second handedly
Bungee jumped?: no
Made yourself throw up?: You know, I've tried, but I can't. But then, the other day, I was trying to get out a jewel, and then pushed the toothbrush too far and *bleahp*... there came some bile. So I guess I have then? But not really. It was just a little. But yay! The jewel came out!!!!
Skinny dipped?: no... so not cool with nakedness outside.
Been in love?: yarp
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: I'm not sure... but... oh wait... I was a kid. all kids to that. So yes. Yes I did.
Cried when someone died?: Dar.
Lied: Oh god all the time. Not so much NOW, but before? Yeah.
Fallen for one of your best friends?: Yeah :p
Been rejected?: Ofcourse.
Rejected someone?: Yeah... *shudder*
Used someone?: Now that I think about it? Yeah.
Done something you regret?: Yeah :(

Music: Ludo, Hum Along (it's playing in my... wait... didn't I answer that? *scroll scroll* yeah, "What are you listening to right now: Ludo, "Hum Along" (It's in my head.)" stupid questions...)
Annoyance: phone calls
Smell: Nosy piss (aka Horse piss)
Desktop picture: carpet (I had to check and then it took me five window checks to get back to this one. Sheesh.)
CD in player: Here: Lucky Boys Confusion "Commitment" and in the Car: Ludo
DVD in player: No player hooked up

You touched: uh... James. Dancing James.
Hugged: James.
You IMed: hunh... Oh! Jeffrey. :) Oops. Jeffey ;)~
You yelled at: I guess Jon? I'm a bitch.
You kissed: Jon

Understanding: Sometimes. I'm pretty impatient though.
Open-minded: Yeah
Arrogant: No, I'm just always right and the world revolves around me.
Insecure: Always
Random: Yup.
Hungry: Kinda sick feeling actually.
Smart: No. I'm stupid.
Moody: Yeah. It's horrible. Sorry, friends.
Hard working: Once I get my ass up and start... yeah, I am.
Organized: Depends. Home? No. Everywhere else? Mostly.
Healthy: Nope. Fat chunk lazy ass.
Shy: Randomly.
Difficult: Yeah.
Attractive: I guess.
Bored easily: No, my ADD attacks save me from that. ;) Oh look! A pterodactyl!... *runs off*
Obsessed: Yeah. I'm stupid.
Angry: YES
Sad: Recently more so, yes.
Happy: I guess I am
Hyper: When the mood and occation permits, I will be. Yes.
Trusting: Jillian put it perfectly: "I am trusting with all my heart to my very close friends. everyone else i keep at a distance."

Kill?: Stepdad... not right now tho. He's OK RIGHT NOW. But sometimes... oooo, I could just...
Punch: Wall
Get really wasted with?: Jon... no, then he'd get all talkative... probably Amity.
Get high with: Don't do that.
Talk to offline: No one
Talk to online: Doesn't matter.
Sex it up with: meh

In the morning I: am asleep
All you need is: sleep
Love is: total and complete devotion and trust
I dream about: somehow succeeding in life
What do you notice first in the person you're into: I'm into? So I guess it's not like height or something... most likely the face... smile and eyeballs.

Coke or Pepsi: pepsi. Diet. (My mom's diabetic... got used to it.)
Flowers or candy: Candy. I hate flowers. Honestly, I'd dig a brownie delight tho...
Tall or short: Taller... I'd like to be... oh... 5'3"... ok 5'5"... 5'6"? but then I'd be Jon's height. I want the guy taller than me.

Makes you laugh the most: Jon, Jie, Bao Bao, Amity, James, Ca, Mom, Dad (odd, I know, that's why I guess)
Makes you smile: Jon... and ofcourse Nosy and Ezekiel
Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: People I'm obsessed with
Can you tell your deepest darkest secret to & not worry about what they'll say or how they'll judge you: No one... That's kept inside...
Do you get in the most trouble with: My sister :(

Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: Not all night... oh wait... highschool... oh god... I was so pathetic... oh wait... what the hell... I still am :( *sigh*
Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: yes
Wish you were younger: hell no! Younger life sucked even more...
Cry because someone said something to you?: Ofcourse... but I think I was off of my meds then... that and I was young and so when a parental tells you you're a stupid failure that never gets anything right and then beats you then yeah, it stings a little. I know better now though. Kinda.

Of times I have had my heart broken: Twice
Of hearts I have broken: I don't think I've dinged any... oh wait. Shit. Ha ha. Two. That I know of. And now they hate me...
Of guys I've kissed: 8
Of girls I've kissed: 0... well there was my sister in elementary school, but we were just swapping candy... oh shit, I think I just accidentally excited way too many people... *zip* ignore.
Of CD's I own: Real or pirated? ;)~
Of scars on my body: Oh crap, so many... main ones I guess are the mini one on my lip from biffing in the Y when I was 2, the two on my back from mole removal, a few chicken pock ones here and there, the one on my right arm from slipping and sliding across the non skid sand paper in the girl's locker room (f'ing sand paper...), and the ones on my leg/knee from crashing into the rose bushes.
Of things that I regret: Hmm... dunno.

5:07 AM

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