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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

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update on stressors...

update on stressors:

1) Final due by the end of today... I still have about 6 classes to watch got an 82% on it; so that means I got an 88% in the class
2) History final "first thing" Monday (12pm) ... no, I haven't been to many classes OR looked at the study guide... yeah, totally missed the final... gotta do it tomorrow instead at 10:45am. heh. right.
3) Management Final on Tuesday. flunked it so badly... I thought I did badly on the last test... wow I was mistaken, I did horrendously. I got a 37%.
4) Management Case Study was due a long ass time ago... now it'll only be worth half credit (it's like 1/2 of my grade for that class...) no, haven't started it. It's supposed to be around 6 pages. nope, still haven't started it.
5) I'm being sued by my allergy doctor. no updates
6) Crush isn't lowering... no change...
7) If I'm late one more time for work I'm fired. I was late. I should find out if I'm fired in a few days...
8) I need to do something about my sister's phone service... I screwed it up by changing her provider and now her old plan is gone and she hates her new service... we have about two days. She's with Sprint now, I think it's working out.
9) I'm getting tubby again and don't have time (or energy) for the gym... but I need to start going to get more energy. Went to the gym yesterday for the first time in ages. My back is killing me now.
10) Nosy is depressed... poor thing hasn't been out in ages. Moved everything around yesterday to make it more Nosy-proofed... Jon and I are going to make a trip to Ikea soon... and soon he will be able to scamper and be free
11) Mom is going to India on the 16th for nearly a month... back in like January 14th... OK, my bad, she left today (14th)
12) Broke as fuck. yup
13) Still haven't registered for classes for the Spring... was supposed to the weekend of Thanksgiving. no change
14) House is a fricken mess. a LITTLE better...
15) My back and body ache horribly and I've been getting constant headaches nearing migraines. more just the backaches now...

8:09 PM


I'll try to be Ms. Positive, which we all know I'm not, and help put a happy spin on your list of 15:

1-4) Semester is done...just 50 more to go, wait, I'm supposed to be positive, forget that last part.

5) Update: No more suing because judge dropped the case and your allergy doctor is really just a sad pathetic man with no medical biller.

6) Not seeing crush anymore, so it should be gone soon *p00f!* See? There it went.

7) You're now open to bigger and better employment opportunities.

8) Sister is a bitch, screw her and whatever she wants.

9) Tubby is sexy in some cultures. Plus, if you don't have enough money to buy food, your body will have something to subsist on until you do.

10) Threaten Nosy with a trip to my house. That should perk him right up.

11) Mommy will be back in exactly two weeks and she wasn't affected at all by the quake.

12) What do you need money for when you have your Sugar Sistah?

13) Classes aren't going anywhere. You'll get to them when you get to them.

14) I think it's super better than before. There's so much walking space now!

15) Go see a doctor, just make sure it isn't the allergy doctor...or, maybe you should ask you're Sugar Sistah to get you a massage.

Posted by Reowr on Tuesday, December 28, 2004 at 2:45 PM

awww. my seeestur looooves me :) yay. but... er... jie... you used the wrong your again. grr... it's "you should ask YOUR" since "you should ask your you are" just doesn't make sense. :p

Posted by Betty on Friday, January 07, 2005 at 11:47 PM

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