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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

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joggin' my mind

Many things buggin' me...

I got some cute English tips from my sister (she was going through all her old English/school shit to get ready for the semester) and typed them up to post eventually... it was fun to type again instead of just clicking through the hobo city... but anyway.

So I was irritated and greatly concerned by the fact that my step-dad has resorted to beating Buster to get him to listen. I'm not quite sure what I will do about it... they really need to train that kid. He's only 9 months (still a little puppy!!!) but... 100 freaking pounds. He's a monstrosity. And he doesn't know how to control himself. All you have to say is "Hiiii, Buster! Good boy!" And up he jumps and attacks you and you fall over since he's so huge. So Uncle Phil comes up, beats him on the back and says "NO!" as if that'll teach him. Great. And when Buster barks at night he just tells him to shut up... great, so say a bad guy really comes, Buster won't bark. Dumb ass... They really shouldn't have gotten such a huge ass dog at their old ass age...

My mom won't stop bugging me about a job. Pisses me off. I had a dream last night that I yelled at her for being the worst mother in the world and if she lectured me one more time I would slit my wrists right there. It was real emotional. But yeah, so she says "register for classes, you should really focus on school, and if working is too much then don't worry about it because I will find a way to help you pay for things but find a job because you need to work but work on school and focus find a job and work but if you can't handle the school then just focus on school and don't work but work since you need a job..." what the fuck, make up your mind you stupid bitch. It's so irritating. And my father. Yeah. All he says is "oh, you're not working? Well you better. School hasn't started yet? Well study." Supposedly I'm losing funding from him in April (when I turn 23) and so I gotta start saving with my non-existent job... and get a loan. I renewed my FAFSA for next year and I have a mental post-it down to get a paper copy this year of my taxes so I can actually finish filling the damned thing out. I really need funding if I'm going to do this by myself.

Yeah, still unemployed. Lazy fucker. School starts on Monday the 24th.

History teacher is letting me take the final (I know, grades were due... she gave me an "I" and is going to replace it with the actual grade after I take it... she's the sweetest thing ever... I've never had SUCH and awesome teacher... Chloe Burke for History. Yay!) so I'm doing that on Thursday at 2:35pm. Shit.

Oh yeah... registered for classes today at 11:30am. I got 13 units. Not bad... hoping I'll be able to add atleast one more class when semester starts.

So I went to Sally Beauty today to return some tweezers. I got these needle-tipped tweezers but then I tried to use them and they're so fucking sharp I couldn't grab any hairs. I felt like such an uncoordinated retard. Well I am. But anyway. So they close at 8pm and since I've been getting up at 5pm I never get there in time. So I get there today at 6pm and I stand there for 30 minutes as the retard Carol enters the numbers manually. Then she rings up some chapsticks I chose. Then looks at the receipt. Thirty minutes later. She goes "you know, you payed with credit, so I can't give you cash back." "OK, great, I wanted it back on my card anyway," I say. "Well we can't do that," Carol the retard says, "the credit machine is down." Well why the fuck didn't you check that BEFORE you started the transaction, you dumb ass? Well she can't do anything for me so I give her back the chapsticks I've already opened after she handed them to me and take the tweezers back. "Can you come back tomorrow? Before 5? It seems the machines die after 5pm." uh... no. No I can't. "Well did you want anything else?" No, dipshit, you don't take credit. I swear there are such morons in retail...

I've got a huge welt thing in my gums back where my wisdom tooth was pulled. It hurts so bad. I was looking at it last night and it actually looks like there's still a hole there. The ones at the bottom are all healed nice but the tops look awful. It's been a few years now too. They bug me on and off.

I have THE WORST post man in the entire world. Jon and I swear he's been stealing the Play Boys when they come (we've lost two now and had to re-order them) and he doesn't take outgoing mail. He blocked off the little slot to send out mail, and if I put mail in the back of the box and say "outgoing please" he just leaves them there, puts the mail in the front, and I open the box and find it all still there. I'd go to the post office in charge of our area but all the people there are just as bad, not sure how management is, but the post workers are seriously retarded.

OH! Speaking of more retards, Best Buy. I went there to Geek Squad to ask about my lappie getting replaced with the pixels out and the wi-fi button not working. The guy there, apparently a Geek Squad manager of some sort, made me look like a total moron as if I didn't know what a pixel was or that they were out and that the wi-fi doesn't disable the connection. I'm not stupid, I have nerds as friends, I know what these things are. I was so pissed off I wanted to sock him in his snot nosed face.

We've gotten shelves from Ikea to put DVD's and magazines up on the walls instead of the floor (yay, soon to be more Nosy-proof!) and we keep trying different mounting methods and they all keep failing. Jon and I found out that our walls are like 6" of drywall. What the hell is that all about. So we tried using drywall screws and they broke, and so we used metal fatty fat fat ones and those worked. We got more things and so he decided to go for the bulk pack and those are plastic. Well the plastic end broke off since it's not supposed to handle so much freaking drywall. Damn it. So we have to delay another day. But it's cool now since I have where they should go I can do it myself tomorrow... well... when I'm taking a break from studying. I really need to study. My teacher is nice enough to let me have another chance to pass this class, how much more of a fuck up do I need to be to fail the final... (again)... so yeah, I better go take my Trazadone (sleeping pill) now before it's way too late again (I should have taken it two hours ago acutally...) and go to bed to wake up in the DAY.

1:40 AM

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