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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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I'm so broke the beggars should give me change...

Damn greedy bastards, I want my money back.

So I've been unemployed for nearly a month now and I'm broke as all hell. I had a check divvied ... diviied ... divieed ... cut for my OneCard at school in December but I never put it to the card so I've been meaning to so I'd have money on campus to get grub. Well I forgot the checkbook Monday, Tuesday I didn't even remember about it, and today... the check's in the wallet but I forgot the damned wallet. Pizza crap. So I'm starving... well I rummage and find $10. Yay for Jefferson! I think. I just spent it so I can't check... but I got me two crepes and they totaled like $10.18. (What. I'm a hungry llama.) Well I ordered the mushroom and cheese first (on wheat to be a little more healthy...) and then asked for the banana/nutella for later. Well they made it first. Damn it. "Can you keep it back there so I don't have it cluttered on the table" since I have my lappie here and everything. "I can't put it back on the stove since I put powdered sugar on it" "that's fine. I just don't want it to get everywhere." Well I finish my shroomy goodness and then I go up there and he tells me he threw it away. "I can't give you that. It's no good. Too cold." "No, no, it's OK! I'll eat it!" "Too late. Threw it away." "But... why... I..." "Threw it away. Making another." :( Bad Betty. Bad.

Classes seem alright. COMS 55, COMS 100A, COMS 100B, and ITAL 2B. I'm so sucking in Italian. Don't remember a thing. I'm like "ciao?" Sucks. Aaron's gonna give me some CD's tho so I can listen in the car and learn more at home in "spare" time. Right. Whatever that is.

I felt so stupid reading homework last night... so many fricken big words. I need to read more...

5:15 PM


damn those french crepe guys!

Posted by DORK STAR on Thursday, February 03, 2005 at 3:01 PM

What, I'm not yellow enough for you?

So I was reading (I know. Weird.) and I was about to do something and then I looked down and I was sitting on a highlighter. An uncapped highlighter. My fully liquidly not really used highlighter. I looked and there was a yellow puddle on the blue sheet covering the futon. I looked more and oh, the puddle was still there. I got up and saw it was a huge blob. Looked at my pants... yeah... the Gap ones that are $58 something... HUGE ass blob. Took them off, looked at my undies, yup, soaked through to those too. My ass got a bit of it too. So yeah, I'm a bit more yellow now. Stupid highlighter... well stupid me... but the highlighter got my wrath... it's dry as a saltine now.

I tried to rinse out the undies and pants and sheet so they won't stain (I know, "highlighter doesn't stain!" but it sure does for me... pencil lead stains on my clothes. Washable marker? Yeah, stains my clothes. I don't know what I do wrong but everything will stain.) and rivers of neon yellow came out as I rinsed. They're soaking in Oxy now. I hope it comes out... it really looked like I pissed myself since it's right there on the crotch butt area. Pizza shit.

2:13 AM

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