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Saturday, February 5, 2005

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Cereal. The food of champions.

So I was responding to my buddy's Eric's blog and wrote about dating vs. relationships... here's what my take is on it all: -----------------------------------

Dating: AKA "seeing" each other, casusally. This can happen with more than one person, especially with today's society. Dating occurs in the beginning of a relationship, and it typically happens often. It can also be considered "haning out" or "chilling." There may be hugging, cuddling and possibly kissing, maybe even casual sex if you go there, but once again, it is casual unless there is a prior agreement of monogamousy. Moussy. Monogamousness. Monogamosity.

Relationship: This contains commitment. Whether or not you decide this is monogamous (some people just aren't into that and dig the STD's and stuff), there IS some form of committing to in this. There is some sort of agreement that you will put forth SOME sort of effort to make it work and last and become something somewhat meaningful.

Don't get me wrong, in dating there is a relationship, relationship is technically something between any two people, but dating does not mean it's a relationship.

And on that note... in a relationship... to keep that healthy, the two of you should still date. *aheJONm*... Jon and I need to work on that. We just live together and yeah, romance dies that way and it's sad. Gotta keep the dating and the giddy "we're going out with just the two of us and it'll be so fun!" crapness alive to keep the relationship exciting and therefore desireable. -----------------------------------

Poor Jon≥... he's been NEEDing new tires for a while now and he finally got the money to do so. He got new wheels from American Tire Co. and then tires from Costco. Costco but the wheels in the tires and then as they were loading them up in our cars the guy goes "oh... these aren't going to rub are they?" since the new wheels and tires are kinda fat and bigger than the old ones were. Jon≥ looked them up and did a ton of research on them and then was like "oh shit... they better not..." so he was freaking out about it. He goes to Lee's where he and Eric put them on. Sure enough, they not only rub, but the entire car just sits on them. Not like, yay the car is on the tires, but boo, the car is ON the tires. The car wouldn't even move. Poor Jon≥... he's so sad he wanted to cry. Eric's stereo's all fuckered up too and he's sad too. Poor guys. So sad.

6:07 PM

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