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Monday, March 28, 2005

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holy hand

I've got this puncture mark on my hand and it hurts like hell like I was stung or something... but I would think I would have noticed that... I finally went to the gym today after another 1 week hiatus and I couldn't even climb because I couldn't grasp. So sad, so sad...

I weighed myself the other day and I've lost three pounds in the past week? So I'm like... yeah... what the hell... ooooh. My muscle is gone. Damn it. That sucks.

I've decided to stop playing my Power Pets account and just focus on hobowars. Yes. I will do that. Power Pets was taking much too much time. So anyway, I've been using mIRC to chat with people from Hobowars and there's some sexy guys there. Mmmm. Australians. Yeah, finding some good buddies on there. People either love me or hate me there. Oh well. They live far far away :D Joy. My new buddy is Tom Tom. I swear he hates me but he insists he dosen't so I'll keep bugging him. Muwahahahaaaa. Sucks for him.

Anyway. I'm watching some movie with Chris Tucker and he's singing and crashing into stuff. No idea what it is.

There was stuff I wanted to say. I forgot again. Oh, I can eat meat again on Wednesday! Yay. 49th day after my gramma died...

10:41 PM


that is awesome man ... i try to limit myself to one online game at a time because i dont really have time for one ... not really. and i need to focus on school because i need to get though! but hey you know ... anways i think its good you are down to one game ... stick with the hobo it seems to make you happy ... and yes you can read my blog its cool, i write them for me but i know that anyone in my friends list can read them because i make them public so its cool .... catch you later

Posted by eric on Friday, April 01, 2005 at 3:33 AM

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