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Monday, April 11, 2005

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logic boggles the mind...

List o' shit:
-Mario wake up
-Gramma at home?!
-Teacher phone calls
-Logic Puzzles

OK, so my sister and I went to Mountain View to see the fam since last Tuesday/Wednesday was the last of the 49 day mourning period for my gramma and we wanted to go see the dad. So we get there and my dad says "if you have time, go upstairs and see grandma, pray a little." My sister goes "what?! She's here?!" and then I look at her and my dad and my dad's got this kinda uncomfortable confused smile but then my sister goes "oh jesus, what am I talking about. Oops." and we give each other these "wtf...." looks. Oops, her bad. So my gramma's pictures are up there and a thing of incense. Daddy seems to be somewhat decent... hanging in there... poor guy. He's so stressed.

I've been obsessed with these math logic problem things and no one else understands the joy I get. But I met up with my sis and then she got excited too. So we go to Mountain View and at lunch we're doing them and Jeffrey asks for some too. WOOOOOOO! So yeah, our whole family of nerds. We were sitting there at the table doing math logic problems in our free time. Jonathan didn't want to do them, so Jeff gave him this honors geometry problem to do. Yes. Nerds.

That night, Saturday, Jie and I were donig logic problems and we stayed up waaaay too late. Like 3am. So Sunday daddy's trying to get us up at like noon. He tells Jeff... dude, that's annoying. OK, Jeff's nick name is Zippy and Jonathan is BatBoy. So. Zippy gets on the piano and the mario song starts playing. It was hilarious. He played it perfectly. Then at the end of the song was the dead music. Greatness. I got him to play it again but the second time he messed up and so on tape I have it but it's not as perfect as the first time around. Apparently it's online too, some guy's playing it. Anyway.

So in class the teacher's phone rang. What's with teachers getting assbent at students but leaving their cellies on. Whatever. I don't really care, it's just silly. What bugs though is when someone has it on "silent"... but it's on vibrate. THAT's fucking annoying, when the phone is sitting there farting and the stupid owner doesn't tell it to stop. Uuuugh drives me crazy.

Waxing. Done my pits three times now, and I just did my legs for the first time. Jon loves the leggage and he was like "dude, I LOVE the legs... I think I'll have to contribute to you keeping it up." So I'm like "coo." Cuz the pits are $20, half-leg is $20, and eyebrows are $15... or $20... no, $10. Yeah. Brows are doing decently, I only do that about twice a month. Maybe even once. But the pits are still growing fastly. Am says that it takes three cycles before I'm evened out, and hopefully after this next waxing of the pits I'll be good... Summer's coming (booooooo) and so that'll be nice.

Gym tonight I hope. NEED to. I randomly lost weight from 106 to 102 but the scale didn't say I gained body fat... weird. So I weighed myself yesterday, after a weekend of stuffing from the dad, and I was back to like 105 but my fat went from 17 o 15.5 Weird shit. No idea what's going on with that. Either way. Gotta trim the tummy fat and the leggy fat so I can look hot and sexy for the summer. Bikinis. Boo.

Taxes. Piece of shit. So I did them with H&R Block online and Federal said I owed $1050. Wtf... SO not doing that. So I went to IRS site and was gonna get an extention but then I had to do that like months ago or something (shit) so I found another site to do it on... TurboTax I think. Yeah, it was way easy on that site. Really duggit. Got it all done in like 15 minutes and it said I owe $56. Still shitty I owe, but I'm willing to just pay it and get taxes over with. So I finish federal, then do state, and I'm getting $3 BACK from state? That's just weird. Usually I'll get stuff back from fed but owe state. No idea what's going on with that, but it's dangerously close to the 14th now so I just did it and got it over with. Thank goodness Jie got me the job at C.A.R.E.S. and payday is Friday... I'm needing to take money out of savings to make sure I have enough to pay for the auto-withdrawawal of fees :( Shittibumpkins.

I've been feeling ugly again. OK, food time. I think I'll get a panini from the Creperie. Those are damned good.

4:34 PM


what the crap 1050?? H&R always comes out good for me? sorry man that sucks but it looks like you got that shizznat fixed!! good times

Posted by Umm tasty!! on Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 12:49 AM

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