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Thursday, May 12, 2005

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All American Food

So there's KFC/A&W's popping up everywhere like Asian immigrant families and they claim they have "All American Food." Must be why all Americans are so f'n fat. Anyway.

Ludo concert was on Saturday and it was splended. Jon and Eric actually came and it was pretty grand... but then these big tall fat chunks got in front of me when I was enjoying myself and it was like "right. Cuz I can see over/thru you people. Fuckers." I was so mad. Anyway. So afterwards I had been talking to Pmo (cute drummer boy) and he said "well we dunno the place and so you'll need to find the place for us" and so I got the directions to Leatherby's but then fat chunks were all "We'll pay for your dinner" to the boys and they were all "OK!" and they went to In and Out. Bitches. So we go to in and out and I got to talk to Marshall (cute stringed instrument player) a bit and it was jolly and then people started leaving and then later on they were at their own table and I talked to the others a bit and it was fun but yeah, still bitter about the ice cream and shit. But anyway. They take off since there's a cop at their van and then we finally leave and then the cop's behind Jon's car and we're like "wtf" and we see he's giving us a $50 ticket. Fucker. I hate that cop. He was such an ass. Yeah, we were parked where it says "customer parking only" and he says we were in the wrong lot. Ass. Grr.

I'm fucking depressed. I want to keep spending money but I have none. Oh yeah, Jon and I are moving mid June. Found a place one block away. You know, I was saying to my buddies... ONE day, maybe I'll move out of our block... and another day... out of the ZIP CODE! Woooow. Anyway. I keep wanting to spend... but I need to save up for the new upcoming deposit. This place wants a $500 deposit for Nosy Bear so I gotta save for that. Jon's saying we need more storage but I think we'll be fine since there's a mini storage in the actual apartment. I'll go get plastic boxes instead of the paper file boxes and so I can stick shit in there. Fuck shit crap bitch damn. Swear swear.

I keep sleeping. I want to buy stuff. Stupid money. I hate it all. I want all of it so I can spend it all. I hate the world. Die bitch die.

4:03 PM


Wow ... well that was all pretty fun in all but ya ... the ice cream thing was laim. so was the cop but all in all i still had fun. i was really the most disappointed with the coffee and the crowd ... that crowd sucked it made me sad i was a part of it.

Posted by Umm tasty!! on Friday, May 13, 2005 at 12:41 AM

I just got my tax return back! :D But it's bad... I'm like "oooh, I have some money now, let's go shopping!!!" I suck at saving :( I'm going to pay off my credit card bills and parking ticket (stupid San Francisco) first.. but yeah, maybe I'll give my money and have Dale keep it for me. That mofo never spends money.

Posted by .: Carol :. on Saturday, May 14, 2005 at 10:33 AM

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