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Saturday, June 10, 2006


No, I'm not deleting shit.

So Jon apparently wrote me a comment on the blog I wrote about that chick and it didn't post and he thought I deleted it. I don't delete stuff. Well usually. If it's totally random as a comment I'll delete it, like a "hi, what's going on?" sometimes I delete... no wait, not something like that. But anyway. I deleted this seriously annoying song file Jon put up since it'd start automatically, but yeah, not comments.

Bottom line, is if you've commented on my shit and it hasn't posted, please try again. Really. There's 70 views now and I have no idea who the hell it could be.

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Piiiiiece of butt :(

So I rampaged through my room and managed to find the usb/ps2 adapter for a mouse and hoped it'd work for my keyboard. I tested it before bringing it and it didn't work on either keyboard I have that's ergonomic so sucks for me. I'll see if I can find one online for like mega cheap or something. Probably just find another job? I don't know. Retail jobs are all apply online and then I never hear from them.

So I show up at work at 5:30am and there's cars in the parking lot but the place is dark. My department anyway. Seriously confused. So I left. No work for me. I guess it's better that way since my wrists hurt like hell but in all honesty since it's Saturday the one day I'm up at buttcrack a.m. I'm probably going to pass out from idle boredom and never wake up and again nothing will get done.

Atleast my room's one box cleaner. I consolidated while rampaging. I'll do my checkbook too.

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Off to work I go

So I was thinking of calling work but then remembered how stupid it was last time I called and how no one answered any of the three lines and then remembered once more that the supervisor in charge today is the stupid whore that yells to the other foreign whore across the room and they have these loud ass foreign conversations so I'm sure she wouldn't hear the phone ringing anyway. The random temporary temps are gone now so there should be room for me. If not oh well. I have money and gas is cheap. No wait. Both wrong.

Called Starbucks and the 2am shift person called in last minute so Michelle (store manager) said "Not today, Betty... I appreciate your enthusiasm but I'm pretty pissed right now so... I'm thinking not today." I told her to try and have a good day and I'll call back Monday.

My blog bar is messed up. All of the rows are the same so it says everything that was posted was posted today. I don't get you people. It says 62 views now. I have 13 friends and only you can read these things and it won't tally people who try if they aren't friends... I've posted four blogs. Why so many views? Weirdos. Not as weird as the other account, though, when I'll post at randomass times of the day when no one else is awake then immediately after posting there's 5 more views. Crazy folk.

I still feel pretty shitty about things and myself and now my eyes are all poofy from sleep instead of salt but I'm in a daze and will soon be on Tylenol so slightly better. I want Jamba Juice. I'll get one after work.

OK, dallied enough. Gonna put on some pants so I don't freeze in the office and type my morning away...

p.s. came back to update the time on my post and yeah, two more views. i'm so confused who the hell's reading this shit.

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