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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Why do I bother pretending to be nice

I'm not a nice person in the inside but... holy shit the stupid ad up top is making noises. Shit I need to reload so I have a different ad. Hold on. *pause* I like how I'm stupid and I could have just... oh... turned off the sound. Anyway.

So I get home from a fast going but long day at work without taking any Tylenol and I get on the computer to check email and myspace and my hobos and I get an IM from the youngin. Chats with him are always irritating and make me feel shitty but at the same time want to beat the shit out of the fucking punk. So yeah. Gonna block him so I don't hear from him anymore because it's just retarded. I'm sick of feeling better then hearing from him and all he has to say is how much I suck. Fucker:

youngin (12:26:14 AM): hey whats up?
youngin (12:27:18 AM): </snore>
me (12:27:26 AM): well excuse you
me (12:27:27 AM): hi
youngin (12:27:29 AM): </snoooore>
youngin (12:27:31 AM): hey
youngin (12:27:32 AM): finally
youngin (12:27:36 AM): gosh
youngin (12:27:44 AM): geesh
me (12:27:53 AM): um.. right.
youngin (12:28:04 AM): lol. why so akward, missy?
youngin (12:28:05 AM): relax.
me (12:28:20 AM): you just always do that if i dont' respond in two seconds and it's anoiying
youngin (12:28:39 AM): you used to do it to me
youngin (12:28:40 AM): shit
me (12:28:56 AM): it's cuz you take forever reply
me (12:29:00 AM): it'd be like 10 minutes later
youngin (12:29:07 AM): lol
youngin (12:29:09 AM): so?
youngin (12:29:15 AM): well anyways
youngin (12:29:17 AM): fuck it
youngin (12:29:21 AM): whats up?
me (12:29:45 AM): nothing new
youngin (12:30:01 AM): finally not generating debt?
me (12:30:14 AM): oh i'm totally generating debt
me (12:30:17 AM): i'm insanely broke
youngin (12:30:22 AM): wtf?
youngin (12:30:25 AM): i thought you worked
youngin (12:30:26 AM): now
me (12:30:30 AM): uh i do
youngin (12:30:36 AM): well wtf, over?
me (12:30:46 AM): what?
youngin (12:30:58 AM): why are you so fucking broke even though you have a job
me (12:31:10 AM): becuase i have expenses
youngin (12:31:18 AM): retarded.
youngin (12:31:21 AM): hm.
youngin (12:31:24 AM): anyways...
youngin (12:31:32 AM): do anything fun lately?
me (12:31:49 AM): no
youngin (12:32:09 AM): gosh.
youngin (12:32:24 AM): no sex, no drunked partys, no dancing, no great food?
youngin (12:32:26 AM): i mean, damn.
me (12:32:27 AM): i work evyerday
youngin (12:34:15 AM): no to all those?
me (12:34:50 AM): um... i dont' remmber
me (12:34:52 AM): so i guess that' sa no
youngin (12:34:58 AM): lamenes.
youngin (12:37:27 AM): whys life so dull for ya?
me (12:37:55 AM): i work everyday
me (12:37:57 AM): you don't read very well
youngin (12:38:35 AM): i read fine, smart shit. but, what you say doesnt make sense.
youngin (12:38:39 AM): i work every day too
me (12:38:44 AM): oh do you?
me (12:38:52 AM): you work 45 hours now?
youngin (12:38:54 AM): except for 2 days a week
youngin (12:39:05 AM): no, but i still do shit even on my work days
me (12:39:31 AM): how long are work days
me (12:39:32 AM): shifts
youngin (12:39:34 AM): i live to work, i dont work to live
youngin (12:39:38 AM): 8 hours
youngin (12:39:53 AM): anything passed 8 hours is bullshit.
me (12:40:12 AM): well i'm not 20 anymore. ihave a life to live and to get there i need to get on my own
me (12:40:31 AM): i have bills to pay, rent to pay, expenses, and work
youngin (12:41:17 AM): i believe your expenses topple your earnings. not very helpful. where will that really get you?
me (12:41:45 AM): out of debt so i can save for ahouse
youngin (12:42:16 AM): you'll be like 32 before you have enough for a house.
youngin (12:42:26 AM): and by that time, houses will be even more expensive
youngin (12:43:47 AM): im confused
youngin (12:43:54 AM): you have a wierd life plan
youngin (12:43:57 AM): but me too though
youngin (12:43:59 AM): im no better
me (12:44:04 AM): well atleast i have a plan
youngin (12:44:12 AM): true

Whatever. So yeah. The Tylenol... I can honestly say that I have gone a day without and been at work and I feel... like I'm going to cry. Yeah. It's pretty awful. 'Thing is, is when I'm on it it's not like it's all better, like how people are like "oooooh gooooood give me moooore" ... I mean, when I had my wisdom teeth pulled I was like "pish, this doesn't hurt." So I layed off on the Ibuprofin for the 3rd day then was like "ok, uncomfortable... eating this taco salad is difficult now" so I got back on, but that was about it. I had it for a day or so more then just dealt with it. But like with my back and shoulders and wrists, I'll take the Tylenol and it makes it slightly duller, but it still hurts like hell. It's not like it goes away.

My laptop's really messed up now. So the soundcard's broken, and the CD drive doesn't read anymore nor will it pop out when I tell it to. This weeke... no... Father's day... no wait... Saturday... this weekend I need to bring the stupid thing in. Pizzacrap.

I bought a million dollar blender, the Vita-Mix. It's quite exciting. Why? Well I spend $4-$5 everyday at Jamba anyway, so like... may as well make it at home with the same blender... it was my goal/dream to have a Jamba blender installed in my home when I own one anyway, so I guess I'm all that much closer since I have the blender. All I need is the house and to cut a hole in the counter so I can "install" the blender. Whalah! Goals and dreams achieved.

I was re-thinking the moving out when I was putting my blender base on the black thing... Dude, moving would be such a pain in the ass considering I've just put so much furniture in here. Bed, dresser, desk, mattress, nightstand, bookcase, headboard, plastic tub things, boxspring, computer, futon, bed, and... that black thing. Yeah. Basically the bed and black thing I'm not looking foward to moving. Not that I moved any of the bed last time. The boys did it and had to take off the door to do so. But at the same time... moving out... being away and on my own... It's so ... if it worked out it'd be so great. Joe hasn't gotten back to me though on it so I don't know. I need a roommate and a random is just too scary for me. I might end up with another Bobby. Or like... someone worse. Bobby's a slob and filthy but atleast he's ok to be around.

Anyway... hungry. Food.

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can i punch that bitch in the teef? good lord.

Posted by Reowr on Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 9:27 AM

.: Carol :.

wtf? who is that?! What an ass! shoot him/her now!

Posted by .: Carol :. on Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 1:25 PM

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