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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


"Uh... I think it must be cold cuz... uh... my drink is kinda alive..."

So work yesterday went pretty fast. I woke up late and showed up late but called in and then the person I talked to called me back and told me that I had a lot of lates and absences... then I told her my absences were because my wrists are really bad and she asked what I meant and I said carpul tunnel and she was like "omg what are you doing doing a data entry job?!" and then she asked if I wanted her to find me another job and I told her how last time I asked someone said I had to give my two weeks first, THEN they could look... and I can't go without a job; that's why I'm doing this one. She said she'd talk to the head supervisor at EDS and ask for a flexible schedule so that they can look for a job and I can leave immediately when something opens up... so awesome... I thanked her for being great.

So I got to work around 4:15pm and Jon came by around 5:37pm to pick up his sweatshirt that's been keeping me warm and then I decided I was cold and kept it longer so he came for nothing... but then he also gave me back mashage and like my shoulders were SO happy. I was starting to well up earlier. I sat back down and was good but then an hour later the pain came back. I was good for a bit though. Quite stupendous, I might say. Angelee/Joy and I yammered on and off throughout the night all sleepy and grumpy but had some fun chatties.

Went to Jon's after work to drop off his sweatshirt and to get his laundry. I planned on doing mine today but that didn't happen considering well I just got out of the shower and I need to go to work soon. So he's gonna get it today after work and do it in Elk Grove. He worked on my back some more and we talked some and my back was like super stupendous. It's so gross when he runs across a fatty fat knot and we both go "er... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew" and shudder a bit. Then he mashes the shit out of it. We looked at some scarification pics and I got a bit queasy and my going "eeeew" made him queasy. They full on cut out grafts of skin and peel it off like Suicide Club style. Fucking disgusting.

Jough (I spell it like that in my phone) called me up since I bugged him some more about a price range and location range for a place and he said he won't know until he gets his first paycheck after his promotion and he doesn't want anything more than 15 minutes from the Arden area. So I'm stuck with Rancho or closer... what's the other way... Natomas? Something like that. I dunno. But I have time to look. Atleast two months I think.

I left Jon's and called up Joe and he was still at Cheesecake Factory dicking around with some co-workers and I met up with them. It was fun good times. They were just chatting it up and it was hilarious... I think I have the personality to be a good server but my wrists are fucked up, but Joe and another server, Lorena, said that I could do it no problem and that the most I have to hold at a time is two plates. Others just choose to do more. Other guy there was Jorge. Man they were hilarious. We left the place at like 4am. Lorena was like "holy shit, I like clocked out at 12:08am..." we laughed.

Joe bought me breakfast at Denny's and it was yum. A bit heavy though, but yum. He looked at me all drunken and was like "Betty, I'm sorry about your situation. I know you try to brush it off, but hey... hey... HEY... stop that. LOOK AT MY EYES. I'm sincere. Look at me." and I was busting up since his eyes were seriously blood shot and all poofy from drinking and I was like "yeees?" and he's all "Really, I'm sorry. It'll work out, though. I know it. I see it in you. It just sucks now. It'll get better. I'm sorry." And I was like "OK" and he goes "NO! Don't brush it off! Listen to me! Look at me!" and I was like "dude, I get it, stop rubbing it in, you're making it worse now" and he's like "But I'm serious! Look at my eyes!" and yeah. Drunkard.

I ended up bringing him home (he lives a rock throw's distance from Jie's place) since he was not OK to drive and crashed there and woke around 12:30pm to bring him back to his car. I came home, showered, and here I am.

I'm so glad my shower kinda woke me up. I was totally not waking up and was having issues focusing on driving. I kept thinking "oo. Sky. Bird. Mountain." Well not mountain, but like... sky. Something. But I got home and I'm awake... and it's time for some smoothie goodness. MmmMMmmmmm. Ca and I are so awesome. She made soup yesterday. You know, the blades are so fast that they actually cook the soup. It's true. No lies.

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