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Tuesday, June 20, 2006



So I went to Chinese Market this weekend and found wakami for sunomono. Last time I tried making it, I didn't have it and had like 10 gallons of the liquid to pour on because I forgot I was missing 1/4 lb. of wakami and just had an extra cucumber in attempts to compensate. So the instructions ask for 1/4 lb. wakami ... when dry the package bought says 2oz., and I figure 16 oz. is a lb. so 4oz. is 1/4 lb. right? So I'm like... eh, I'll just use one pack. I'll see. I soak it and it grows. And grows. And grows some more. It's like rising bread with too much yeast. I have about 18 gallons of wakami now. Ridiculous. I can't help but go "HOly shit" when I look at the bowl with it in it. I'm waiting for the cucumber to finish salting. I have about two minutes left now.

I've gone back to trust issues. Don't trust anyone. I don't think it's bad, others do. Oh, well.

Vicki still owes me for utilities but she hasn't been around for like four days. Bobby still doesn't load the dishwasher even though I do it everynight so the sink is clean... then suddenly 15 crusty dishes appear and I'm like... fucker. I must calmly berate the fucker.

My new favorite repeat song is Moore - "View of Blue" ... it's the one on my profile at the moment. Well it should be. I put it there last night. I wrote the lyrics down, well what it sounded like to me (I have serious issues hearing the correct lyrics) anyway, and there's colors in it so I'm gonna paint a cow of it. I already started one I'm titling "Amity" since it's chartreuse sky and pink polka dots and a purple tree with lemons, and this one titled "Moore" will have neonish blue mixed (not blended) with red and then I'll have orange streaks in it... but then the cow and a bubble around it will be grey. Still deciding if there should be wings for the flying part... I think I'll have some wispy wings around the bubble. Oooo fun. And then I'll have a golden sun in the back illuminating the sky. So wonderful. Voonderfool.

This weekend was splended. Went to visit duddy and got there Saturday late. Daddy's a bit senile now but it was mildly cute and amuzing how he followed us around as if we would dissappear if he didn't stay up even though he was tired. I swear that city is made on ice cubes. Amy-mom told Zippy to bring us a fan and Jie and I were like shivering under covers that night. It was so awesome. I loved every moment. Woke up and and Jie and I wore jeans. Daddy asked "oh, should I wear pants too? Am I underdressed?" as if it was our decision... common... father's day... besides... he's the dad. Anyway. I told him it was cuz we're from sweltering Sacramento and it's FREEZING compared to Sac. It was like 70. So nice.

So we went to Olive Garden for lunch and I had a piece of everyone's but Jie's and boxed my meal (Medallions o'meat) and then we bought one of every dessert. OK not really, others wussied out. We got three though and I got one to go. Watched "Cars" ... it was really good. I didn't think it'd be that great, stupid I know since Pixar rules, but yeah, it was good. We were like two inches away and couldn't see the whole screen but I know there was a ton of detail in every little thing (as always) and I'm cool to go see it again even (wow) and I'm SO buying it when it comes out. Hehe. Flying bug bugs. Hahaha. Eeeee he heee. Hammy's a character. AAAAH HAA HAAAAAA!!!! Good times. Good times... oh yes... Jie... who's your favorite?

Sunomono time. K bye.

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mi piace guido!!!

Posted by Reowr on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 9:31 AM

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