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Thursday, June 22, 2006


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I still don't get who the hell's looking at my shit. Giggles couldn't access it for a few days and like I've said, it doesn't tally ones that don't go thru so anyone who's not on my friend's list can't see see these... wtf? Went to B.J.'s for my mom's bday dinner today and Jon came too. He got her another drinking vessel with "life is good" on it and Jie and I got her a happy bee thing that I'm still too lazy to post. I left my camera cable at Jon's so I can't go showing you pictures. My hair was doing this adorable flipping thing yesterday and I took pics. I also got some short shorts yesterday. And some capris. First for everything, eh? Yeah... Jon says "well, you're asian... it's ok." So I'm looking mega asian I guess. Well I know I am. Oh, well. Whatever. Went to Jason's after and Jie gave him like 100 lbs. of Strongbad stuff and he watched some and they made their cat Marzi pant (yeah, like a dog... omg it's so cute) and then we left. I forgot my sweater thing. My eyes are messed up. Called Jough and Ben and no answers. Atleast Bobby's not home. I'm SO painting. Yeah. I'll do that. I guess I'm cleaning Jon's house for money? God that's fucking sad. Atleast it's not in this house though where I'm the maid and I pay to live here... heh... fucking Bobby. Stupid shit. Well, he brought in the trash today. I guess I just need to mention it every week asking if he is capable to do it so that he feels like I think he's a complete pathetic useless decrepit piece of crap and so he'll move or something. Something like that. Yeah. Our waiter at B.J.'s looked like Dane Cook. My eyes are itchy. Eyeball removal time. Oh, invited Giggles to be added back to my list. I guess I'm over it. I'm kinda over a lot of stuff. Just kinda ... wow. It's like highschool all over again. No, middle school. You know, pushing it back. I gotta do it for the family. Jie can't anymore, I must be strong and opress like we used to but opress for two. Go me.

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i just need to sleep more. then i can go back to being a constipated potato.

Posted by Reowr on Friday, June 23, 2006 at 8:15 AM

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