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Saturday, June 24, 2006


Thanks, Ca

Thankee, Ca for the much needed smile... I actually full on bust up laughing. Rock on to the fuschia eyebrows with silver polka dots. Eeeee he heeee. :D
On to the feelings...
Last night was good. I went to Jon's and helped clean the place to get rid of $55 of debt and get fed. Watched "Spirited Away" with Jon, Jocelyn, Bobby, and Jon's two lesbian friends (he labels all of his lesbian/gay friends by their orientation... as if it makes a difference since I didn't know any of them anyway...) Amanda and Jessica. Jocelyn asked to be added to this account. She's such a sweetie I'm glad I met her. Amanda and Jessica were a lot of fun. They brought up at one point something about being obvious that they're lesbian... I was like... how? I mean, obvious gay guys are all like flaily and lispy... how's a girl obvious? They were like "uh... look at us" I was like "what" and they said "look at us!" "Clothes?" I mean, they were wearing jeans and a t-shirt. What. If I didn't have to wear work clothes I'd wear that everyday too... I guess that's why people thought Jie was lesbian too? I don't know... doesn't make sense... so... girls wearing simple comfy clothes are gay? There's gotta be another reason. That one was crap. Yup. Crap.

So I had some good times and laughs last night and swam some and that was good... I really do need a good run in though... but it's so fucking hot. Maybe I'll wait till late tonight and then go out jogging with 8 layers of bugspray and thermo's. I didn't feel like doing laps but I was so needing to overexhert my body. That looks really wrong... exert? No h? Anyway... I didn't and so I've got all this pent up negative energy. It's hurting me. I'm having anxiety/stress pains and I keep violently twitching when trying to sleep or relax and I just can't relax.

I don't understand why people lie. Why does someone mean something but say the opposite? Why do something that in the end will make someone else absolutely miserable? Why say love is there when it isn't? Why say you'll be there when you won't? Why say you're committed when you're not? Why say you'll be there when you're not? It just doesn't fucking compute. It's so hard to find someone honest and pure and when I think I do... they turn around and change completely.

I know one honest person who does everything with the best of honest intentions... and if it's got a negative purpose, atleast he's honest. For that I thank that you are in this world, Jon. I just wish there were others like you. But then again... I don't wish. Wishes are pointless. They never come true.

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just jon

wow... :::blink blink::: well you just made my day... week... maybe more.... thank you. :::blushes::: *hug*

i feel like i just won an award... i want to take that and post it on my page somewhere like a trophy or something.

Posted by just jon on Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 2:31 PM


see? honesty... it's a good thing, right?

Posted by Betty on Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 2:42 PM


pictures for past blogs

First, the cow paintings:

4 moo pics ... L to R: Amity, Dawning, Sunset, Dusk

mega cute hair day ... discovered the beauty while brushing my teeth:

so there's the flippie and yeah, brushing my teeth.

oh look! flippy!

ok, can't really see the hair. jesus, my boobs are large.

flippity doo dah

my hair was gigantic after taking it down from pigtails:

... but it was still cute so yeah.

awwww. so cuuuuuute.

awwww. so ... myyyyspace.

... and there you go.

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