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Sunday, June 26, 2005

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cheesecake... *droooool*

Went to cheesecake factory for brunch with papa on Sunday (whatever Father's Day was...) Amy-mom, the boys, and the rest of her fam. went on a Disney cruise the day before and duddy was left at home by himself so Jie and I went there. It was nice... afterwards we went and walked around downtown Palo Alto and made fun of the snooty places down there and gawked for like 10 minutes that there's still a Swensen's ice cream that exists. It was amazing. I took pictures with stuffed bear mats and bear foot rest (maybe one day I'll post it) and sat in the most comfortable bean bag chair EVER. It was so soft. I want one. But it's not machine washable, so yeah... that's a no go.

All the crap is here at the new place since the old place is no longer ours (as of 6/20/05) and it's a fricken mess. Horrible shit.

Tomorrow ... er... today afternoonish/morningish we're doing brunch with mummy pie at Cheesecake Factory and so I'm so giddy I'm getting more Godiva Cheesecake. Oh golly that crap is good. Woooo. I stretched my last piece out for four days. Finally finished it and have been craving more. I keep getting fatter. OK not really. I just feel really gross. The pound of fruit a day has been helping me poo tho but yeah, gotta go see a doctor since... yeah. Had some... issues. I'll be going for an annual next week though (hooray! Probing! :( ) so I'll just go early and see someone about my ass too. Ugh I hate my health issues.

I smell like garlic. Jon's been making fettucinni alfredo and I think we're gonna be blimps soon if we keep up this habit of fatty deliciously cheesy noodle goo. Nosy's been outside a lot since it's been surprisingly cool. I diggit but I worry that means summer will eventually come and it'll be November and 109 degrees. We're planning on devising some sort of thing to make it so Nosy Bear can stay outside and romp around the patio all the time; some sort of screening or something so he can't jump over and/or eat the wood patio. That'd be bad if we leave and there's a tunneled chinchilla hole to the ground. Heh.

I'm staying at Sac State. Mummy wants me to so we're gonna try and work it out. Money's tight. It sucks. Jon keeps wanting to eat chocolate. He's gotten tubbier. Cut his hair, finally, though and that's good.

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