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Monday, June 26, 2006


eff that shit

So Giggles was SO right... I've been trying to use the mouse with my left hand and the stupid ergonomic makes it SO not any-hand-able. Lies. It takes so much more effort to try and make it work and then I start straining then my right hand starts twitching like "common, just let me do it" and then both start hurting. Damn it.

Got mail from UCD today saying I haven't paid my past three visits. I paid. I know I did. So I'm gonna call and bitch them out. These aren't posted probably because the frazzled completely incompitent unorganized old woman was there. One of the charges is for a Dr. I don't even see. What the hell. Stupid bitch.

Everyone with blocked numbers, if you have me programmed in your phone, add the *82 there infront so I know who you are. Pisses me off when there's a witheld call and the person gets mad I didn't call back when there's no fucking number and no message is left. Ofcourse the people who do that aren't even on this friends list, but whatever. Ranting. It's like movies. It doesn't have to make logical sense.

It's fucking hot.

I'm going to start hiding EVERYTHING from now on. No more toothpaste left out... I don't know if I want to deal with my soap back and forth, though. I have to figure something out with the bathroom downstairs, like lock it or something. And Bobby making popcorn every fucking day is pissing me off since now my microwave will permenantly smell like the fucking artificial butter smell. I hate the public microwave smell. Well OK, at my last job they smelled like curry, but any Americanized work environment/school... they smell like popcorn. I even have a paper plate and baking soda in there when it's not used to keep it clean and it still reeks. Atleast it's not curry... still. My fucking microwave and I barely use it and it smells like fucking buttery shit. Just like my blender. Never used it. Not once. Atleast he's paying me for it. One day.

Anyone want to pay for a place for me to live in? That'd be so awesome. Yeah.

I really need a job. This not being able to buy food nor gas thing is quite stressful. And I'm so sick of the ugly shitfaced women on the myspace ads for the stupid quizzes and "True" sites.

I'm pretty irritated right now. I hurt, too. Fuck it's hot. I want to paint but I want to sleep but I'm wide awake and it's fucking hot. Piece of shit.

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Fuck ergonomics

Posted by Ben on Monday, June 26, 2006 at 2:22 AM

just jon

just fyi... its *82

Posted by just jon on Monday, June 26, 2006 at 8:28 AM

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