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Sunday, June 05, 2005

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fatty fat fat fat fatty fat!!!!!

So at the new place there's this fatty fat fat cat. Jon was saying there's a fatty there but I was like "pish, he's not that fat" but I went down to pet him and he's as wide as me. Fatty! So I've named him Fat Tim. I don't know if he's even a he, but I'm thinking female kitties don't get that fatty unless they're preggos, and if they do then they're not so much wide as a droopy pot belly. I'll ask Jie, maybe she'll see him and go "shit, that's one big fat female cat." Either way, there's a fatty and he makes me happy... he'll meow and I'll go "Fat Tim!" and it's humorous but last night Jon and I were there doing paperwork crap and I was like "yeah, thaaaaaaaat'll get irritating in a few days" and Jon and I correct myself "... or a few minutes." But it isn't annoying yet... Little fat meows. Hee hee. Fat Tim.

Got 1/2 of Jon's filing done last night. Slowly moving in is actually working out alright I guess... I made Jon feel shitty for not helping even though like I said there's not really much for him to do and so he and Jie went to iKea (lookat me type it as if it's an iMac) at the ass crack of dawn (8:30am) to get there by opening (10am) and they're on their way back soon so there's all day to move. Eric said he'll come up and help move with his pappy's truck (vroom) and so I guess the bed and dresser and futons will go. And bookcase. So that leaves us with... not much. Maybe the desk. We may just move that too. Oh shit, no, then we won't have internet for two weeks. Screw that. Desk is staying.

Slept at the new place last night. It gets mighty cool with all the screen doors open. It was nice. Used an air mattress... oh good god my back hurts like a bitch. It was pretty brutal. Jon's hurting too.

Guess I'm a bit calmer now that I had a day of successful moving... we'll see how today goes. I gotta go check out Bed Bath and Beyond for a bath caddy and a shower curtain liner. I need to find my shower curtain(s) too... I thought they were in the closet here but they're not and Jon checked storage and couldn't find them. I bet they're in a box labeled "bathroom stuff" and Jon just missed it. We'll see ;)

OK, better get off my ass and start packin...

12:41 PM

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