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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

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Oops. Fat Tim's a she not a he. My bad... she had been wandering around and I guess it's cuz her humans were out on vacation and left her out. The property owners were gonna trap her and SPCA her and I was like "noooo! Fat! Don't goooo!!!!" But Jon said he saw her go into a house and the humans came back.Our neighbors in the corner have a fatty orange kitty and a doggie named Toby. Underneath there's a Beagle. Hee hee. Animals. Ribbit.

Jon's pissing me off soooo much. I'm getting so fed up. All these little things about moving are just ticking me off more and more. I'm going to go insane. He wants the place PERFECT... come on... it's an apartment. But... yeah. So he's going to like Home Depot and crap getting stuff like new flourescents for the kitchen and new screen door latches and it's like dude, they're supposed to fix it. Whatever... We're having stud finding issues again with this place. Hard to find them. What the hell is with these walls.

Hoping Don and Paul come over and we get one good haul of moving in on Sunday.Saturday was supposed to be my End of The Year reunion Party but even though I told everyone about it 4 years ago no one is coming except for like Amity, Stephanie, and Adrienne. I'm thinking of just saying "nevermind, don't come, I'm going to a barbeque." Chocolate fountain... *droooooool*

Jon got let go from his job so now it's just my piddly income. This is gonna suck for a while. I'll see how it goes... I gotta try and get money from people. Loans again. *sigh* Stupid money. It's always a pain in the ass. Bitch.

Song for now: Good Charlotte "Riot Girl" Emergency call 9-1-1, she's pissed off at everyone...

5:27 PM

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