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Monday, July 11, 2005

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pure brilliance...

So Jon's friend Lee (that's his last name, we just call him that) is going to dental school in the East and is going to be hella much far so we decided to go on a trip and actually went through with it. Dr. Smith, psych guy I'm working with, offered us a sweet deal on this Dome/cabin he's got up near Tahoe/Donner ($50 for just the utilities for three days...) and we took him up on it. Yeah, so that was this weekend. The 7th was Jon and my 4 year so we were thinking we could go up earlier on like Thursday, but no, couldn't get the day off of work so we just did a nice date thing and that was our four year. It was actually rather nice. I told Jon he had to choose what we were doing since he doesn't work and so he chose for us to go to Andiamo's for dinner and then Comedy Club for some comedian named Pablo Francisco. He really wasn't all that great, but the guy before him, Esau Caldwell, was hillARIous. If you're in L.A., he apparently lives there, and he's funny. But yeah. The 6th everyone was over (OK, well, the boys, Eric and Lee) because they were going to go food shopping for the Dome trip on the 7th at like 10am and we were going to plan shit. I guess Eric didn't know that was the point of the night and he flipped out at like 9pm and was like "OK, shut up, no more about the fucking dome" and when Jon talked about it more he went insane and ended up leaving instead of spending the night. The boys stayed up all night playing games and so it was just Jon and Lee who went to go shopping. They bought way too much food. Anyway. I was going through shit and I feel like shit and I'm stressed and had a mental breakdown (yes, while they were here) and had to hide in the bathroom and stifle the noise so they wouldn't hear. They all went to bed and I just kept quiet. I figure what's the point of telling Paul he's a jackass and fighting with Eric that planning needs to be done since none of us will ever budge on our views. So I just shut up, broke down, went to bed.

7th came along and they did their thing and I was blah the whole day. Was real quiet but Jon didn't even notice. I told him I had a break down later on at midnight when the night was over and he was like "oh." We packed up our shit for the trip and then it was like 3am and I passed out for a bit and like 3:30am Jon woke me up and I was like "gnnrrrjngggff" and he was all "OK, do you want more time?" "mmmhmmm" and so he came back at 4am and we packed the car. I got my gate beeper to give to Jie to feed the kids on Saturday night, Jon decided to turn off the power so we don't have a sudden fire (I don't know what the fuck, whatever) and went to Elk Grove. We packed more shit, then it was like 9am and then loaded yet more shit in the van and then went to Nick's to get him and Michelle and try and reorganize the shit with Lee's Blazer. That didn't work out but hey, whatever. We got the stuff we "needed" and were finally on our way at like... uh... something. Maybe like 11am. I dunno.

We got to the dome and found Jeremy, Lee and Eric drinking maragritas and playing Magic all situated and cozy. Place was kinda messy but it looked cozy. Eric had cleaned the fan blades of this ceiling fan in the place and it was fucking nasty. I wiped down the stairs and all our crap was brought in. The weekend was a bunch of sleep, guys playing Magic, food, sleep, food, Magic, movie, food, and food. Sunday came; Jeremy and Dave (oh, Dave showed up at like 11pm on Friday cuz he had to work in the day) left early cuz Dave had shit to do and Jeremy wanted to make it home in time for a WoW instance (nerd). Michelle went psycho-cleaner on us and we cleaned the place. It looked so awesome when we were on our way. We took pictures, ass shots, and were back to Sac.

Got to Elk Grove, swam, BBQed to get rid of more food, we all got insanely tired and cranky, people left, and it was midnight and time for Jon and I to leave. Now we're home. Opened the fridge to put food away and the light doesn't turn on. Wtf. Oh. Ha. Let me guess... I tap the bulb, no, it's not burnt... I know. The power. Yes. Jon left eh A/C on and the lights on but turned off the fucking fridge. EVERYTHING is dead. Milk, condiments, freezer food, butter, my beloved pickles, frozen dinners, beloved ice cream, new pack of popsicles, melted ice everywhere, jam, everyfuckingthing. So fucking pissed right now. He wonders why I'm not yelling at him and says I'm in denial about the fridge. What the fuck am I supposed to say about it? "Oh you fucked up again." Well he knows that, there's no point. So I figure why bother. I'm trying to shut up more about whining about shit that's never going to change. Paul gets on my nerve so fucking much I can't help it but I'm doing better. Practice makes... er... better. So yeah, haven't yelled at Jon, but then he goes off about buying a 4-pack of sweet cream butter at Costco. We cook with salted butter, you fucktard. No no, he wants the "cheaper" at Costco. Well we just had to throw away 5 fucking packs of butter, now you want to buy 4 fucking more? Just buy two of the stuff we USE at Trader Joe's but noooo, he still wants the shit so I say "FINE. Get the stupid butter." "No, no, don't just give up, I'm telling you that there's no real difference. And my mom wants me to use less salt..." (oh yeah, his had just had conjestive heart failure) and I'm like "OK! FINE! You're right, get the fucking butter. Whatever."

So now we're more of a fucking storage unit. Just every fucking thing from Costco in the bulk and way too much fucking stuff we're never going to eat. Fuck.

1:24 AM


its interesting that you didnt fight anyone ... how did that go for you there? was it better or worse? choose your battles man ... well sorry about all that i was just alittle pissed because they were pushing on the wrong things ... everything they were planning was going to change so it didnt need to be planned like that ... that is all i was saying, but it doesnt matter anymore ... we made it all work ...

Posted by Umm tasty!! on Tuesday, July 12, 2005 at 1:28 AM

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