November 4, 2000

holding hands is an intimate thing. or a friendship thing. altho... personally... i don't hold hands with my friends, some people do. i'll link arms or put my arm around a friend, but not hold hands. i dunno why. i guess i feel weird. cuz i'm used to it being just a thing you do with someone you're close to. it bothers me when a guy's hands are smoother or softer than mine. it means they don't do much work. or else they baby their hands... but that's rare. so it means they don't do much work. i lotion my hands a ton and so they're pretty softy smoothy... but then sometimes i'll come across a guy who takes my hand and AUGH! waaay to soft. or else there's the desert dry. it's overdone. like... i'm petting an iguana or something. ew. grossness. seriously *valley girl hair flip*. anyway... yeah. really tho. it's gross. it's like i can feel my skin being loofahed away by the other person's hands. uh... no thank you. i like pretty hands. i wish i had pretty hands. mine are ok i guess... no, not really. my palms are better than they were before... i used to play on the monkey bars all the time and hang and so i had calluses all over. they're still kinda bumpy. but my fingers are all stubby and chunky like. speshly the one that was slammed in our previa door. ouch. never did heal right. it's an odd thing to like hands i think cuz... who really looks at hands? they're there. everywhere. cuz (almost) everyone has hands. but... do you really pay attention to them? ok so it's a hand. whatever. but then i sit there and stare and look at the nails and fingers and the aspects of the hands. eh. i'm just weird. oh well. whatever.


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