xanga: Tuesday, November 02, 2004

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3:10 PM

Mokee, post from myspace:

Just got up... goddamiddy I'm a lazy fart. Anyway. Gonna go vote in a bit... if I can find the damn poll place (they never sent me a sample ballot or anything of the sort... stupid government...)

So I was all mopey and shit from LBC never getting back to me... Jon was getting upset too, cuz I'm all sad and upset. So he's like "They're assholes. I don't like them." And I thought it was just cuz Stubhy was like "hey baby" but then Jon was like "no, not that, cuz they won't respond to you" and I was like "oh... OK..." "but I like that other band. Ludo." cuz they've responded to nearly every email I've sent... well, short little generic emails, but dude, they respond. So that's cool.

I was reading Stubhy's profile (again) and there's this totally cute/pretty girl on there that posted every once in a while so I clicked her and looked around and she seemed pretty neat. So I messaged her and stuff and turns out she's great buds with Stubh... she's been writing me and made me feel better. So now I'm not all lame and sad and stuff about them not responding and I think I'll try and move on... yay her :) Thankee. *hugg*

Lessie... new friend is also Breenie. She's super cute and a psycho Ludo fan. *high five* joy. But she won't let me steal them away to live in a duplex with me. Poop. Oh, well.

Oh! My master plan! Having LBC play at my wedding. But I was like... they're too big for me, they won't respond... but Ludo? Not HUGE yet. So I asked and they said "er... ask me a bit closer" cuz if it happens it won't be until.. oh... 7/7/2007... so I might have them play at my wedding! Yay! That'd be so Ludoriffic. Oh god, did I just write that? Wow. I gotta go...

12:44 AM

Ohgoodness I got an A on the test in History I thought I'd fail... I felt pretty good about it afterwards (this is from back in Oct. 13th) but didn't think I'd get an A. My teacher is so awesome. She really knows her stuff and her lectures are KINDA hard to follow, but if you ask questions she'll answer them really well. So if you take history at sac state.. Chloe Burke. She's great.

I'm falling more and more in love with Ludo and Stubhy. It's awful. Stupid Stubhy :(  so mean and ignoring. *sigh* I'm so pathetic. I updated a lot of my page over the weekend. Yup. Um... jokes, me, choices... um... Jon's breathing on me... and... the main page... and... yup. Still breathing on me. Anyway.


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