xanga: Wednesday, December 15, 2004

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12:13 PM

this quiz was retarded. none of them fit. oh well:

You Are the Enthusiast
You are outgoing and playful - always seeing the happy side to life. You're enthusiastic and excitable. You love anything new. Multi-talented, you do many things well... and find success easy. You prefer to keep things light with others. Opening up is hard for you.
What number are you?

11:51 AM

Alright! Let's see how much Betty can fuck up this semester? OK!

Missed the final. For the second time. Failed that class. Anthro I'll get a B if I finish the course GE written requirement, otherwise I fail. RLS I failed. OBE I failed. Italian I'll pass with like a C or so since she likes me. Only cuz she likes me. And that's that.

Tonight was going to be movie night. We were going to see Ocean's 12. Jon called up all his friends to see if they wanted to go, someone said it sucked so we're not going. He wants to go to the gym and some car show with Eric and David and since I missed my final I guess I'll go. I'd rather stay at home and cry though. Still haven't done that, and since I'm on a day off I may as well. But yeah, so the movie is now Closer instead with about 500 other people and Jon isn't even going to dress up. So much for movie date night with the two of us. You know, fuck us. Oh. I swore. Shit.

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