xanga: Tuesday, December 21, 2004

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10:23 PM

yeah... that first entry was supposed to be from 8:12pm. Anyway.

So went to the mall and stuff and got the trimmer, a shirt for Jon and played with Steven's Tamogatchi. On the way back (ok, the neighbor's cat just totally walked into our apartment... Jon just went out running after it and hissing... quite humorous except for the fact that cat just totally walked inside... anyway...) there was a homeless guy and I gave him half of my philly sammich cuz I was full... he was SO thankful and SO happy and I was like "it's cut, I didn't eat off of it" cuz sometimes some homeless are like "is it good?" or "did you bite off of it?" as if they can be picky and shit, and he was like "oh, I don't care, this is real good... I eat out of trashcans and stuff..." and it was really sad but he was real nice and went back to the bushes to eat. I felt good about it. I seem to always find ungrateful homeless people who don't appreciate food I give out, but this time he was grateful.

Time to go to Eric's now... we're gonna hang out and stuff. Tomorrow is the hearing and then a LAN or something.

10:19 PM

1) failed all classes but two

2) got fired from Gap

3) set up family portraits and they took them without me

4) court hearing tomorrow at butt early in the morning (8:30am)

i love life.


on a happier note... jon just got me a brownie sundae!  yaaay!!!! AND, my sister's here for us to go shopping for a nosehair trimmer! yaaaayYYY!!!!!!!

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