xanga: Sunday, December 26, 2004

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8:33 PM

ah yes. nothing like a box of mac 'n cheese (it's the cheeesiest!) and a cup of hot cocoa with melted bunny-shaped marshmellows to soothe the tummy...

nosy's sleeping on his new christmas mouse-log-toy thing. it's really cute. ofcourse he's probably just depressed and wants to die, but hey, he's cute. and i'm a selfish human.

christmas is so f'n stressful. all i can say is i'm SO glad it's over. i hate the holidays. christmas eve i drove to my dad's, had dinner, went to my cousin's new house and spent the night, went back to my dad's in the morning, did presents, played a little mah jhong, drove back to elk grove, jon drove my sister to sac, opened presents at jon's, ate dinner, watched the matrix, and went back to sac at like 2am. ugh. my eye's infected. there's like a lump or something at the bottom lid. it hurts and itches so bad.

i'd go thru christmas presents now but ... i don't want to. i'm going over to jeremy's with jon in a bit to watch a couple of wine videos. wee. the excitement. i think i may just pee myself with glee. (sarcasm.) anyway. bye for now.

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