xanga: Friday, February 11, 2005

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3:06 AM

ok, ew... gross in more ways than just the obvious...

on a happier note, all my debt is nearly gone!!!! i just need to wait for a few more bills to come so i can pay them off... this is so exciting, first time debt free in almost 5 years...

Buuuut... on a sadder note, my grandma died on Wednesday and the funeral is next Sunday...

But we'll end on a happier note? I'm in Mountain View for a bit "watching" the boys with my sister until Sunday night since dad and step-mom drove to L.A. Wednesday to make plans for the funeral... Heh, watch... I'm asleep until around 2pm and it's not like I care what they do anyway... meh.

I'm gonna get yelled at by my sister for being up so late again. Crap. Too late to take a sleeping pill too... damn it. Well, I'll just... eh... whatever.

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