ok, here are a buncha links:


my buddy's pages (if you want me to add yours, tell me your url):

amy mom my step- mom's page

airsoft extreme

bombdigie kieth's (sah ee keeth, but thaas yuh nae) page

ca's superold livejournal

jon (jon jon)

nathan's house



the scottish guy frost, a.k.a. tsg, arcwelded this and sh..tuff


random pages:

the best page in the universe!!!!
great stuff for the bitter ones

strong bad

adopt a monster
adopt a monster and make this world a better place

weeeeee! super flashiness!!

google banners special google icons

hedgehogs!! new faboo animal


spark tests

hamster hamster dance ah yes. the one we all know and love

wallace and grommit wallace and grommit!!!!

ludo! ludo! myspace

ludo!shockstars myspace

luckyboys lucky boys confusion myspace

linkin park

official matchbox 20 page

Comedy Central

moo? why NOT to drink milk

saratoga high where i went to highschool


places to go to when you wanna start/get stuff:

webmonkey old how to's on websites... I go there for the colorchart.

how's your aim? download aim! my screen name is Bandnana No 1

things to send people (freeee):

hoops & yoyo ... ridiculously obnoxious yet adorable cards


RIP Pages... please help me find these broken links:

dance dance!!

smile smile

cow cow dance

takes forever to load with lotsa images so i added another link page:

*click* for more links: email sites, free webpages, webpage accessories, search engines, and mp3 sites


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