heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's ME!!!!


name:               Betty
nicks:               FRUHD, Betts, Betty Wetty, B, pookie, B, rice cake, Bett-bett, Bell-Berry, Bell, Bette, #2 (don't ask), Jelly Belly, JB, Betty Spaghetti (ONLY Curtis can call me that), Toadie, Mei, sheen-gan-bow-bow-bee-bee-boo, hot chick with a boyfriend
age:                 24
location:             Sacramento/Mountain View, CA, USA, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, The Universe

school:              California State University, Sacramento (CSUS)

can't see trampoline man? click! = > < =

obsessions:         erasing of chalkboards, pelvic lines

faboo things:       i've decided that it took too long to upload so just click = > here < = if you wanna know what i like or craikies for what i'd choose

things i want in a guy:       >>here<<

fears:             looking out of the second story window and seeing someone there
                      driving over bridges
                      large birds
                      all of my teeth just dropping out of my head
                      falling down stairs

dislikes:           mouth smacking, stupid people, ugly people, stink, those really ugly big dogs that kind of look like grey hounds but they have lots and lots of fur... *shudder*, the monthly enemy, history, perfume, smoking, shin splints, nylon/tights, homework, spanking, moaning, those people who think they're all that but aren't really but they still ignore you anyway when you talk to them, 1/2 way healed bruises when they're that ugly brown color, people singing to the radio, whistling

hated songs:       would i lie to you baby (that is seriously THE ugliest song of all time. it's hideous. ew. puke. gross.), beautiful stranger (madonna), give me one reason (tracy chapman), kiss me (six pence none the richer), thank you (alanis), (any laurynn hill), wild wild west (will smith)

speshal words:                 buba - "bye"

                      constipated - in high school

                      coo - cool/nifty

                      cup - a couple, a few, some, soon, a while

                      dar - duh

                      eyelash - a nosy person

                      faboo - fabulous, favorite, great

                      laxitaveated - in college

                      mary - a fine guy (created with help of Spaiyq)

                      meh - whatever; oh well; oops (from the simpsons)

                      mondo - totally

                      mongo - major

                      oh, duddy! - damn it!

                      oh, nelly! - ohmigawsh!; *gasp!*

                      squawzie - excuse me

                      stylin' - bored

                      SUCK! - that sucks, that bites

                      yargh - "arg" (creation of ca)

wheeeeere's the mousie?!!!??!!!

height:                   5' exactly

weight:                 115 lbs

waist:                   26"

hips:                     34"

chest:                   33"

underwear size:     12 kids

pant size:               1-5 (girl sizes suck.)

ring size                 4.5 - 5.5

hair:                       blackie and dark brownie

ears:                       pierced

eyes:                       dark exotic brown

eyebrows:               black

eyelashes:               black

toenails:                 clear

jewelry:                 shiny, shiny earings, claddagh ring (it's on my right ring finger, facing TOWARDS my heart...)

significant other:    chris :)

high school gpa:   2.83

current gpa:         3.147

friends:             (ok, this hasn't been updated since... uh... ages ago. if you want in and you're my friend, lemmie know and next time I update I'll add you)

A. Person (bro,) Acorn, Ah-mei, Alain, Allen (¡Hola!), Alvin (2nd cuz,) Amy-mom, Andrew (cuz,) Andrina, Ashish, Ashley, Back, Bombdigie, Bohr, Brett (2nd cuz,) Brian (cuz,) Brian (2nd cuz,) Burt, Brenda (cuz,) Ca, Cassandra, Chad, Chewy, Chloe, Chris, Chrissy (cuz,) Christopher Robin, Chui, Cinderella, Clara, Cori, Daddy, Dale, Dan (cuz,) Dan (ethan embry,) Dave (cuz,) Donahoe, Drew (2nd cuz,) Eben (step-bro,) Edgar, Eilis (step-sis,) Erick, Erika (cuz,) Esther, Esther, Gail, Gary, Gavin, Greg, Gustave, Gyr/Knight, Hankie, Heather (step-sis,) Helen, I-grid, Jack Knife, Jak, Jay, Jake, Jennifer (bud in Iowa,) Jenny, Jeremy, Jesse (step-cuz,) Jessica, Jessica (from wrestling,) Jie, Johanna, John-John (cuz,) Jon (cuz,) Jon (jon jon), Jonathan (bro,) Jordan, Jorge, Julian, Jus-tin, Karin, Kathleen, Kevin, Kevin "The Boy", Sam, Kornz, Kreyg, Mr. Kucer, Lava, Lindy, Louisa, Mary (cuz,) Mat, Matt, Menk, Meri, Mevin, Michael, Mike, Mishi, Moi, Mommy, Nader, Nammie, Nacho, Nate, Nathan (2nd cuz,) Nathan, Neil, Nick, Nick mama, Nomie, Olivia, Paul, Peter (cuz,) Peter (remote big bro in Davis,) Peeturr, Prince Lord of all evil doctor master follow spot Josephski Kiyoshi "Satan" Kai Novakavoich the III of the Russo-Japanese province in Guam, Rei... may she r.i.p., Rich, Rollo, Sace, Sam, Sara, Sarah, Seth, Sindy, Sky, Sophie (cuz,) Spider Man, SSU (2nd cuz... kinda...,) Steph, Superflea, Tanya, Theresa, the scottish guy, Tina, Ugh, Uniball, Vivian, Wilson, Wolvie, Womley, Xay, Xion, Yuliya, Zac, Zach, Zillie

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