month of: april

special days, things, and accolades

apr. 1- kandie's b-day (17)

apr. 1- uniball's b-day (18)

apr. 1- funeral

apr. 4- back from taiwan (6pm)

apr. 5- jessica's b-day (18)

apr. 9- dad's house

apr. 10- leaving to florida (1pm flight)

apr. 11- mr. mcbride's b-day (33)

apr. 11- arrive at florida (12am)

apr. 11- universal studios (hard rock cafe)

apr. 12- karin's b-day (17)

apr. 12- epcot center

apr. 13- rector's b-day (17)

apr. 13- animal kingdom and mgm studios

apr. 13- first bath since i was 5!  :)

apr. 14- kennedy space center

apr. 15- kathleen's b-day (16) (in singapore...)

apr. 15- fight back to and arrive back to toga

apr. 20- brie's b-day (17)

apr. 22- zillie-ah's b-day (17)

apr. 24- ivy's b-day (17)

apr. 24- me and nate's HALF YEAR!

apr. 24- junior prom

apr. 27- matt's b-day (16)

apr. 28- my b-day (17)

apr. 29- dennis's b-day

songs of the month

can't think of any

quote of the month

"happiness is a hard master-- particularly other people's happiness"

                                  ~pg. 227 in Brave New World by aldous huxley

movies seen this month

apr. 9- the matrix

apr. 10- at first sight

apr. 17- go!

apr. 23- monty python and the search of the holy grail

apr. 30- 1/3 of dead man on campus

buddie of the month

name: carol

age: 16... now 17 (march 29th)

grade: junior

school: saratoga high school

state: california

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

why this person's great:

hottie of the month

name: nate

age: 16

eyes: brown

hair: dark brown

weight: 143 lbs.

height: 5' 9"

school: the one i go to

relation: my caring boyfriend

his page:  coolies... i wanna go and check it out

comments?  suggestions?  anything i should add?  tell me!

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