month of: april

special days, things, and accolades

apr. 1- kandie's b-day (18)

apr. 1- uniball's b-day (19)

apr. 1- april fool's day

apr. 1- show 6-11pm

apr. 1- car wash senior fund raiser!

apr. 2- show 12-5pm

apr. 2- daylight savings spring FOWARDs

apr. 4- meet jj

apr. 5- jessica's b-day (19)

apr. 5- practice/call 4-?pm

apr. 5- econ video 7:15pm

apr. 6- show 5:30-10:30pm

apr. 7- show 6-11pm

apr. 8- show and strike 4:30pm-4:30am

apr. 10- spring break starts

apr. 11- mr. mcbride's b-day (34)

apr. 12- karin's b-day (18)

apr. 12- going to davis 12-1pm

apr. 13- rector's b-day (18)

apr. 13- coming back from davis

apr. 15- leaving to taiwan 5pm

apr. 15- plane flight... 13 hours

apr. 16- spring break over :(

apr. 16- arrive in taiwan/time change

apr. 17- funeral sevice; final goodbyes

apr. 17- night time wandered

apr. 18- hospital where mom talked to some chick

apr. 18- visited "er jo jo"'s place and got goodies

apr. 18 - full moon (_|_)

apr. 19- fly to kao shiong (a city in taiwan)

apr. 19- shopping, dinner, more shopping

apr. 20- brie's b-day (18)

apr. 20- brunch; shopping; fly back to taipei; massage

apr. 21- eat; see doc; see gramma; fly back to states

apr. 21- shs psych fair

apr. 21- good friday

apr. 22- zillie-ah's b-day (18)

apr. 23- back from taiwan 7pm

apr. 23- go "play" with amity and simon

apr. 23- easter

apr. 24- founder's day

apr. 24- ivy's b-day (18)

apr. 26- rosalynn's b-day (18)

apr. 27- matt's b-day (16)

apr. 28- cool person's b-day (18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

apr. 28- 2nd grading period over

apr. 29- dennis's b-day

apr. 29- shs fashion show

songs of the month

saves the day- through being cool cuz i'm through being cool...

tara mcclain- if i fall could this song be any prettier? i think not.

sophie b. hawkins- lose your way lose your way, and i will follow...

quote of the month

"to the world you are just one person, but to one person you mean the world."

                                  ~i dunno

movies seen this month

apr 8- here on earth uh... yeah... chick flick to the max.

apr 9- the skulls niiiiiiiice

apr 16- stuart little kiddie movie. mouse was cute. stupid, but cute.

apr 16- anna and the king just saw part of it. it was pretty good.

apr 22- end of the affair ohmigosh. that was the best romance movie i've ever seen. it was really well done.

buddie of the month

name: sam kendall

age: 15? hope so. ok. 15.

grade: sophomore

school: saratoga high school

state: california

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

why this person's great:

hottie of the month

name: zach zach

age: 19

eyes: brown

hair: brown... shaved once too... either way. the HAIR is brown.

weight: 160 lb.

height: 6' 1"

school: greenville college (christian college by st. louis), IL


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