month of: april

special days, things, and accolades

apr. 1- kandie's b-day (19)

apr. 1- april fool's day

apr. 1- model shoot 3:45-6pm

apr. 1- ride home from jie

apr. 1- daylight savings spring FOWARDs

apr. 3- shannon's b-day (19)

apr. 5- jessica's b-day (20)

apr. 6- r.a. form due

apr. 6- out of dorm 6pm

apr. 6- spring break start

apr. 7- tsg's party

apr. 8- full moon (_|_)

apr. 10- belly piercing

apr. 12- dentist appt. two fillings

apr. 12- trim due

apr. 12- result 393-7261-3

apr. 13- going (camping) cancelled

apr. 14- returning from (camping) cancelled

apr. 15- spring break over

apr. 15- dorm open 4pm

apr. 15- easter

apr. 21- group interview @ foley (8pm)

apr. 22- zillie-ah's b-day (19)

apr. 27- matt's b-day (17)

apr. 27- star watch ??

apr. 28- nathaniel's b-day (20)

apr. 29- dennis'sb-day

apr. 30- neil's b-day (19)

songs of the month [Image]

promised land- lagoona! all i want is you around... i just want to hold your hand in the great promised land

don't speak- no doubt dont' speak, i know just what you're saying, don't tell me cuz it hurts

unforgiven- go go's you're unforgiven so go on living, knowing that i've unforgiven you

quote of the month

"Strangers are friends waiting to happen."


movies seen this month

apr 7- hudson hawk oh god it's a great movie

apr 7- 5th element i love it. "muultipass!"

buddie of the month

name: neil england III

age: 18

grade: 13

school: sac state

state: california

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

why this person's great:

hottie of the month

name: nick

age: 26

eyes: hazel

hair: dark brown

weight: 155- 160 lb.

height: 5' 8"

work: bay alarm

relation: friendish...

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