month of: august

special days, things, and accolades

aug 1 - sophie's b-day

aug 2 - theresa's b-day (17)

aug 2 - work 6-10:30pm

aug 3 - work 6-9:30pm

aug 5 - work 6-10:30pm

aug 7 - allen's b-day (15)

aug 7 - work 6-10:30pm

aug 7 - apply at "hollywood video"

aug 8 - chinese father's day

aug 8 - work 6-10:30pm

aug 9 - work 5-10:30pm

aug 10 - nathan back! from cruise

aug 11 - ups's b-day (63)

aug 11 - work 5-10:30pm

aug 12 - work 5-10:30pm

aug 13 - work 5-10:30pm

aug 14 - going to l.a.

aug 14 - yie yie's party

aug 15 - i-grid's b-day (16)

aug 15 - back from l.a.

aug 16 - work 5-9pm = > sick...

aug 17 - mat's b-day (17)

aug 17 - yie yie's b-day

aug 18 - work 5-9pm

aug 20 - work 5-9pm

aug 21 - work 2-6pm

aug 21 - ordered senior pics

aug 22 - andrew's b-day

aug 22 - work 2-6pm

aug 23 - san francisco w/mat and nate

aug 24 - me and nate's 10 month

aug 24 - work 5-9pm

aug 25 - clean bathrooms

aug 27 - work 5-9pm

aug 28 - drew's b-day (14)

aug 28 - work 3-6pm

aug 28 - get sterio!!!!

aug 29 - work 2-6pm

aug 31 - school starting :''''''[ (and if i don't get a transfer... it's off to westmont i go)

songs of the month

no matter what- boyzone

adam's song- blink 182

quote(s) of the month

"Life is a puzzle... & usually the pieces don't fit.. but hey, make them fit... if you want something to happen.. make it happen.. dreams don't always come true on their own.. & people don't always wait a lifetime for you..."


"i'd never thought i'd die alone, i laughed the loudest who'd have known... i'm too depressed to go on, you'll be sorry when i'm gone..."

                                  ~blink 182; adam's song

movies seen this month

aug 4-she's all that ok, i guess

aug 4-muppets from space fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnieeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

aug 6-mystery men

aug 7-rushmore

aug 10-the blair witch project

aug 29-sixth sense

buddie of the month

nathan < =(yeah, i drew that)

name: nathan

age: 17

grade: senior

school: saratoga high school

state: california

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

webpage: nathan's house

why this person's great: *[*this month is my last month of my *close* friends... i've been thru all the others... now i'm left with the baised one... my boyfriend*]*

hottie of the month

k, so i've been making 'm guys... uh... guy. why not... a girl? and hey... why not... ME! yeah! i'm a hottie! why not! ha ha ha. (me? ego? naaaaw...)

name: ME! FRUHD awwwwww (eh, jus humor me...)

age: 17

eyes: dark brown

hair: black and turning dark dark brown. (the dyed parts are fading)

waist: 24-25 inches

neck: 11 1/2 inches

wrist: 6 1/4 inches (yes. it's small. i have an "asian" wrist. tankoo mommy)

weight: 92-99 lbs... an average of 94 lbs.

height: 5'. shaddup. i'm 5'. really!

school: mine... maybe... heh... if i dun get my transfer soon *AHEM... MOM... STEP-DAD...* then... i'll be going to westmont... or... *shudder* a private school...

relation: gee... whuddo i say here... um... me?

MY page: uh duh... k... now. if you dunno where MY page is... there's gotta be some sort of problem... with... um... heh... uh... well... ok, if you really dunno, then... click on the "duh"

comments?  suggestions?  anything i should add?  *sniff*  i'm so lonelytell me!

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