month of: august

special days, normal days, events, and kudos

aug 1 - uncle bobby's bday (65)

aug 1 - my cousin sophie's bday

aug 1 - work 11:30am-5:30pm

aug 7 - allen's bday (17)

aug 7 - payday

aug 10 - summer sanitarium concert with linkin park

aug 11 - ups's bday (67)

aug 12 - full moon (_|_)

aug 13 - auntie vivian's bday (63)

aug 15 - i-grid's bday (20)

aug 17 - mat's bday (21)

aug 17 - my grampa yie yie's bday (82)

aug 18 - my step-cousin ryan s's bday (18)

aug 22 - my cousin andrew's bday (36)

aug 22 - payday

aug 28 - drew's bday (18)

song(s) of the month

linkin park - breaking the habit
memories consume like opening the wound
i'm picking me apart again
you all assume i'm safe here in my room
unless i try to start again

i don't want to be the one the battles always choose
cause inside i realize that i'm the one confused

i don't know what's worth fighting for or why i have to scream
i don't know why i instigate and say what i don't mean
i don't now how i got this way
i know it's not alright
so i'm breaking the habit tonight

quote of the month

"no quote."


lessons learned this month(s)

none yet

movies seen this month

none yet

buddie of the month

name: toasty


age: 34?

profession: between jobs

location: chicago

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

relation: met him on friendster

why this person's great:

more on person here

eye candy

josh lucas josh lucas pic from 'sweet home alabama'

name: josh lucas maurer

age: 32

dob: 6/20/1971

eyes: blue

hair: blonde

height: 6'

jaime and her boy toy neil

i barely know anything about her but she's just so cute that i decided i'd put her on here as the female of this month.

name: jaime

hair: cute and red

status: taken away by neil

comments?  suggestions?  anything i should add?  tell me!

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