month of: december

special days, normal days, events, and kudos

dec 2 - school 11a-7:45p

dec 3 - school 3-5:45p

dec 4 - school 11a-7:45p

dec 5 - school 3-5:45p

dec 6 - work staples 10a-4p

dec 7 - work staples 11a-2p

dec 8 - full moon (_|_)

dec 8 - school 11a-7:45p

dec 9 - apply for job at county 12p

dec 9 - register for classes 1p

dec 9 - school 3-5:45p

dec 10 - school 11a-7:45p

dec 11- school 3-5:45p

dec 12 - work dhs 1p-5:30p

dec 13 - work staples 10a-2p

dec 14 - work staples 11a-2p

dec 15 - final italian 5-7p

dec 16 - jonathan's bday (11)

dec 16 - final review government 1:30p

dec 16 - final chinese 3-5p

dec 17 - final government 3-5p

dec 18 - meetings english 3-5p

dec 19 - amity's bday (21)

dec 20 - amy's bday (21)

dec 20 - meeting staples 7a-8:40a

dec 20 - work staples 10a-3p

dec 21 - mountain view

dec 22 - work staples 1a-5:30p

dec 23 - work staples 11a-5p

dec 24 - ssu's bday (22)

dec 14 - work staples 11a-2p

dec 28 - ashish's bday (21)

song(s) of the month

good charlotte - say anything
i used to know the sound of a smile in your voice
but right now all i feel is the pain of the fighting starting up again

all the things we talk about
you know they stay on my mind, on my mind
all the things we laugh about
will bring us through it every time
time after time

don't say a word, i know you feel the same
just give me a sign
say anything, say anything
please don't want away
i know you wanna stay
if you just give me a sign
say anything, say anything

sarah mclachlan - fallen
truth be told i've tried my best
but somewhere along the way
i got caught up in all there was to offer
and the cost was so much more than i could bear

though i've tried, i've fallen
i have sunk so low
i have messed up
better i should know
so don't you come round here
and tell me "i told you so..."

quote of the month

"yu cahn doo eet!!!!"

                                  ~i think it was rob shneider in some adam sandler movie? i can't remember

lessons learned this month(s)

movies seen this month

dec - fatal fury 1 um. ok.

dec - fatal fury 2 a little better... left at the end

dec - american history x jeremy liked it a bit too much...

dec 11 - freaky friday "ohmigod... i'm like the crypt keeper!"

dec 17 - lord of the rings 3 my preeecioussssssss...

buddie of the month

name: jeremy

age: 20

profession: student

location: sacramento

state: california

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

why this person's great:

eye candy

jeremy taylor

name: jeremy taylor

age: 20

dob: 7/11/83

eyes: brown with a hint of green

hair: brown

weight: 170/180 when lifting

height: 5' 10"

school: csu, sacramento

relation: friend

status: single and on the prowl

quote: "i'm hot s@!t and always looking to meet new single fems... and i look hella hot in sweats..."

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