month of: february

special days, things, and accolades

feb. 2- FINALLY got wrestling sweaters

feb. 3- dual meet vs. cupertino (home)

feb. 3- i got an exhibition match!!!!  only girl not pinned!!  ok, so i was teched... big whoopie...

feb. 5- mishi's b-day

feb. 5- burt came to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

feb. 5- shs winter formal

feb. 6- at dad's house

feb. 12- lincon's b-day

feb. 13- jie's coming back at 11am from davis

feb. 13- league finals (wrestling) at monte vista (2pm)... i got 7th in my weight  :)  (98lbs.)

feb. 13- i'm going to taiwan

feb. 14- valentine's day

feb. 15- burt's b-day

feb. 15- president's day

feb. 15- chinese new year

feb. 20- eben's b-day

feb. 21- coming back from taiwan

feb. 22- washington's b-day

feb. 22- winter formal pix in

feb. 22- siiiiiiiiiiiiiick

feb. 22- wrestling's over  :(

feb. 24- me and nate's 4 month  :)

feb. 24- mat and mevin's 4 month

songs of the month

changes- 2pac

don't change- joey macntire

goodbye- spice girls

heart and shoulder- heather nova

london rain- heather nova

take me there- you know... a buncha people :)

when you're gone- raquel

quote of the month

"if nothing's really nothing, why does it have a name?"

lessons learned this month(s)

movies seen this month

a bug's life (in chinese...)

hottie of the month

name: nlot

age: 16 1/2

eyes: brown

hair: dark brown and foofy

weight: 255 lbs.

height: 4' 6 1/2"

school: preppy town's school

relation: husband of blot

his page: i wanna see

comments?  suggestions?  anything i should add?  tell me!

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