month of: february

special days, things, and accolades

feb 2- groundhog day

feb 3 - meet vs. homestead 5:30pm

feb 5 - mishi's bday 18

feb 5 - john-john's gramma's bday

feb 5 - chinese new year year of the dragon

feb 6 - alter dress

feb 9 - meet @ gunn 5:30pm

feb 11 - jv scval's 1-9:30pm @ miltpitas high

feb 12 - lincoln's bday

feb 12 - v scval's @ miltpitas high

feb 12 - meeting andrew...

feb 13 - dress ready

feb 13 - shopping splurge w/am

feb 14 - valentine's day

feb 14 - ski week begins!!!!

feb 15 - bao's bday 18

feb 15 - godfather 6pm

feb 16 - san fran w/ca and sam 10am-8pm

feb 17 - leaving to trinity

feb 20 - eben's bday 24

feb 20 - back from trinity

feb 21 - president's day

feb 21 - back to school :(

feb 22 - mr. gaudreau's bday

feb 22 - washington's bday

feb 22 - godfather 6:30pm-8ish pm

feb 24 - godfather 6:30pm-8ish pm

feb 25 - winter formal with keith 8pm-12am

feb 26 - train ride to jie's 6:45am

feb 26 - pac 10's @ davis

feb 27 - more pac 10's @ davis

feb 27 - back from davis night time

songs of the month

again- janet jackson don't think i can take the pain... never fall again

with or without you- u2 i can't live with or without you

little black back pack- stroke nine don't expect to get your bloody black back pack back

blue eyes blue- eric clapton it was you, who made my blue eyes blue

everything you want- vertical horizon he's everything you want, he's everything you need, he's everything inside of you that you wish you could be...

dear lies- tlc dear lies... now get the hell away from me...

i've been down- jewel i've been down so long that the end must be drawing near

never let you go- third eye blind

quote of the month

"Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to."


movies seen this month

feb 12- the hurricane

feb 13- scream 3

feb 14- the beach

feb 18- mickey blue eyes

feb 18- bowfinger

feb 18- the simple life of noah dearborn greeeeat movie :) 'slike slingblade

feb 19- runaway bride

feb 19- the wedding banquet 1/2 chinese... bout a gay couple... quite realistic and funny (if you know the traditional chinese family and you're liberal enough to not be totally homophobic)

buddie of the month

name: amity

age: 17

grade: senior

school: saratoga high school

state: california

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

why this person's great:

hottie of the month

name: rick

age: 14?

eyes: brown

hair: dark brown

weight: 124-127 lbs

height: not sure

school: gunn high

relation: godfather wrestling

questions? comments? suggestions?... anything i should add?  tell me!

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