month of: february

special days, normal days, events, and kudos

feb 1 - cmax 11-7p

feb 1 - juan's going away party

feb 2 - groundhog day

feb 2 - miss sac county meeting

feb 3 - school 10-8:45p

feb 4 - the rage with ca, jon, and juan

feb 5 - mishi's bday (21)

feb 5 - school 10a-5:30pm

feb 7 - one year seven months

feb 7 - sam's bday (19)

feb 7 - dhs payday

feb 8 - cmax 11-7p

feb 8 - mommy's home!!!!!! 6:21pm

feb 9 - marie's b-day party

feb 10 - angry day breakdown

feb 10 - school 10-8:45p

feb 11 - marie's bday (18)

feb 11 - horribabolay bladder infection ew. blood :(

feb 11 - interview workshop 6:30p

feb 12 - lincoln's bday

feb 12 - school 10-5:30p

feb 13 - discovered homestar

feb 14 - seth's bday (19)

feb 14 - Valentine's Day

feb 14 - cmax payday

feb 14 - dale over

feb 15 - bao bao's bday (21)

feb 15 - trip to bay area and back

feb 16 - dress shopping w/jie and mike

feb 16 - dale go home

feb 17 - noah's bday (21)

feb 17 - president's day

feb 17 - school 10-8:45p

feb 18 - miss sac county program book pictures and make up session @ arden mall

feb 19 - school 10a-5:30pm

feb 20 - eben's bday (27)

feb 21 - appt: dr. kanchan 3-4p

feb 22 - washington's bday

feb 22 - dhs payday

feb 23 - miss sacramento county meeting

feb 24 - school 10-8:45p

feb 26 - school 10a-5:30pm

feb 28 - cmax payday

song(s) of the month

frou frou - breathe in
and I'm high enough from all the waiting
to ride a wave on your inhaling
cause I love you no?
can't help but love, you

the all-american rejects - swing swing
Do you know what it feels like,
being alone?
I'll find someone new

Swing, Swing, Swing from the tangles of
My heart is crushed by a former love
Can you help me find a way
To carry on again?

Wish cast into the sky
I'm moving on
Sweet beginnings do arise
She knows I was wrong
The notes are old,
They bend, they fold
and so do I to a new love.

simple plan - i'd do anything
I close my eyes
And all I see is you
I close my eyes
I try to sleep
I can't forget you
Nanana (....)
And I'd do anything for you

quote of the month

"Fighting for peace is like f___ing for virginity."

                                  ~anti-war poster

lessons learned this month(s)

movies seen this month

feb 13 - old school wow. that was fun.

feb 14 - sweet home alabama yay! it's MINE!

feb 17 - the emperor's new groove stupid carol and dale >:[

buddie of the month

name: jon (jon jon)

jon when he found out he's a buddy of betty

age: 20

profession: student

location: sac city

state: california

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

why this person's great:

more on jon here

eye candy

mike d:)

name: mike (k)

age: "age of this body of mine is a poor metric of measuring one's maturity. suffice to say, ~25-30"

dob: late november

eyes: "yes. two. myopic, corrected with contact lenses. both brown."

hair: "yes, most days. its short. i keep it well groomed. usually use gel. brown as well."

weight: trim, strong build, but not too muscular.

height: seventy-one inches

school: soon to graduate CSUS, BS CS.

relation: boogie buddy

status: "divorcee, widower, broken-hearted, optimistic, exploring, discovering, learning, open."
single. yay :)

pretty marie

name: marie

age: 18

dob: 2/11/1985

eyes: green/hazel

hair: light brown blonde

weight: not much

height: 5'4"

school: st. francis high

relation: boyfriend's sister

status: single, crush

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